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Wes @ WallStreet

It’s sort of those things that has been whispered through the walls for quite some time now, which of course typically doesn’t really matter if you’re part of the collective insulated within the world-reducing college-bubble (which you are). But even within the bubble some manage pick up the scent and are consequently swept up by its message and mission, and on a rather sunny weekend much like any other, they packed their bags, got on a bus (giving up the smile of restful hours), and headed South to join the civil resistance – that is to say, to help “Occupy Wall Street.”

In case you have no idea at all of what I’m talking about – and that would be a damn shame, be it for lack of circulation or lack of inclination – click here and here. The Wes envoy that went off to rally was a varied set of robust young individuals, among them our very own sickly-kinetic A-Batte (bringing the joy of chalking in tow). And while he should really be the one writing this, he’s a little busy at the moment. Thus, what follows is not an entertainingly or passionately-written account of events, but rather, a sterile round-up of coverage, pictures, and other tid-bits.

The account will come sometime later, when he has fully recovered in his cave. Click on to see the coverage.