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“No Strip-Mall. No Wrecking Ball”: Middletown Protests Washington St. Development


It’s pretty much what you thought would happen: once you left Middletown for spring break, things got interesting.  The ongoing saga over the proposed Washington Street commercial development entered a new phase of visibility when community activists, parents, children, professors, and students took to Wash and High St. for an hour yesterday afternoon, cycling around the intersection to present their opposition to the potential development to motorists.

Wesleyan’s institutional involvement in the decision opened with a proposal to move Broad Street Books to the new complex, if built. Though the bookstore plans were quickly canceled due to a chilly reception from the Wes community and Middletown, the administration is still contracted to sell its property in the area to the developer, Centerplan.

Below, see some interviews featuring Jen from Kid City ’88 (hello!) and Maggie Masselli ’16 (hi!), as well as footage of walk-signal coordinated crossings. More information after the jump; comments, corrections, and points of information welcomed.

Planning Board Tables Zone Change to Block “Strip Mall” Development

On Monday we provided an update from the sexy and glamorous world of Middletown zoning policy. Dueling zoning change proposals had been filed, both concerning the fate of the proposed commercial development  on Washington Street. One comes from Robert Landino, the developer in question.The other is from Ed McKeon, a Middletown activist and blogger, seeking to block the “cookie-cutter strip mall.”

Today McKeon provides an update: his request has been tabled because he doesn’t own property in any ID zone. McKeon’s application has been sent to a city attorney for an “opinion,” but he’s not giving up:

In the meantime, I’m attempting to recruit any landowner in an ID zone willing to add their name to my application. It obliges them in no way, but allows me to make a full presentation as to why we should be preserving our historic residences, especially in the face of unnecessary and ugly commercial/retail development.

BTW, the developers, while not owners of property in an MX zone will be allowed to pursue a zoning change in that zone because they have an option on that property.

Community Voice: Ed McKeon, “Voting With the Townies”

Earlier today, Molly Salafia, blogger for the Middletown Eye and town candidate for Planning & Zoning, posted a lengthy Wesleying comment questioning the effects of voter registration drives at Wesleyan and imploring student voters to keep town citizens (read: not students) in mind rather than mere party affiliation. “Please be careful when you vote,” Salafia writes. “There are real families attached to every decision you make.”

I’m not sure why Salafia chose that particular comments forum, but the discussion that ensues is well worth skimming—particularly the comment from prominent M-Town voice Ed McKeon, Democratic candidate for the Board of Education (Ed 4 Ed!) and founder of the Middletown Eye. Today McKeon sends in his own plea for informed voting, arguing that “a misused vote may be worse than a non-vote.” What follows is McKeon’s guest comment in full: “Voting with the Townies.” (Let’s continue the discussion in this comments section as well.)

We just made another friend

Ed McKeon (Hartford radio-show dude– see previous post) has a few questions for Wesleyan Students. Mostly sarcastic, mostly not funny. They include:

I’ve seen notices posted for establishing an SDS chapter on campus. Is there a big anti-war, anti-Bush movement on campus?

Where do students listen to live music, or, do students listen to live music?

Was the tree that fell on college row a prank? And if a tree falls at Wesleyan on a Saturday night, does anyone hear it?

Just wondering.

Answer them here.
Also he has this to say about us:

from a polite distance, I’ve observed students to be smart, radical, funny, creative and interesting. Okay, you’re not brats, exactly.

aww…thanks Ed! Don’t listen to what the other kids are saying about you on Wesleying, I like you. At least you’re not Martin Benjamin.