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Wesleyan’s Early Decision Letters Go Out to the Class of 2017


Well, it’s that time of year again. Forget the eggnog and The Chanukah Song, Wesleyan’s Early Decision letters for the class of 2017 (don’t you feel old?) went out today.

So for all the derping cool excited prefrosh reading this, CONGRATS and welcome to Wesleyan (WESLEYAN IS THE BESTLEYAN). I was you last year: cutting class to go home early and sit in front of the computer; letting my mother drive me to and from school even though I had my own vehicle (she was afraid I would speed to get home); freaking out as I clicked the “Show decision” button on Wesleyan’s website; reading Our Dear Leader Zach’s posts about the 2016 acceptances (awkward moment when he emailed me about doing this post and referenced his past acceptance posts which I’d read as a prefrosh…).

The only thing more exciting than the new recruits for the class of 2017: WESADMITS 2017. For those of you unfamiliar with Wesleyan’s string of WesAdmits pages, they are a source for all things Wesleyan (and not-so-Wesleyan):

  • Meet ‘n’ greets with your future peers (“You’re from New York too? Let’s be BEST FRIENDS <333”).
  • Questions relating to Wesleyan life (“How many circuses come to Wes every year?”).
  • Questions that are absolutely freaking random and don’t relate to Wesleyan life at all (“What are you favorite 1982 sitcoms?”).
  • Trolling upperclassmen who write bizarre shit and confuse the hell out of prefrosh (“This sophomore said on WesAdmits that Wesleyan has a Chipotle and a Starbucks! So excited!”).
  • The source of your class’ first WesCelebs/class personalities (shout out to my roomie…who was WesAdmits 2016 famous).
  • An opportunity to creepily stalk people (and then awkwardly see them around campus 9 months later…).
  • A space where internet friendships grow and die (sometimes) when you get to campus (holla at my homeboy Bruno Machiavelo ’16…our internet friendship survived real life!).

Read after the jump to see all of the kooky things prefrosh (and their parents) have been saying on the Wesleyan College Confidential message board/chat room/comments section/random overacheivers spazzing out on the internetzzz place.

ED I Applications up 3%

ED I 2010

Early Decision I applications for Wesleyan were due November 15th. So how’d we do? Better.  3% better.  Wesleyan received 515 applications in the ED I cycle, up from 500 last year.  Yeah, 15 isn’t the hugest increase, but a 3% increase is better than any decrease. We’ll take what we can get.

In contrast, Williams went up only 1.3% and Amherst actually experienced a loss of 5.06%, making Wesleyan’s increase the largest of the Little Three.  In the NESCAC, however, Hamilton tops it out with a 24.1% increase.  In the category of “Universities with Binding Early Admission” so far, Lafayette had the biggest gain at 56.32% and Elon had the biggest loss at 14.7%.

In his post on the Times’ The Choice blog, Jacques Steinberg (who wrote a book featuring admissions at Wesleyan) notes what makes Early Decision special:

binding early programs continue to be a lightning rod for families and counselors; an applicant who applies under such a program, and commits to attend if accepted, loses the ability to not only field financial aid offers from other colleges, but also forfeits at least some potential leverage to persuade that institution to sweeten its scholarship proposals.

The chart I’ve extracted above shows the NESCAC results with Lafayette and Elon added in.  Check out Steinberg’s post for information about other schools.

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