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Editors Respond to Our Mroth78 Post

A week ago, we published Michael Roth’s “What do I do” tweet minutes after it was posted. We did so because it represents something that traveled rapidly around campus, and we found humor in the fact that something like this could happen. At that moment it felt crazy that we were seeing this on the public Twitter account of our president. All sorts of theories and ideas were flying around the room, was it an accident? Maybe it was on purpose?  How do you accidentally send a tweet?

We watched Twitter very closely from the moment the tweet was posted, and with every new reply to Roth’s tweet, there was something new to chuckle at or think about. It took the better part of half an hour for the tweet to finally be deleted with an explanation from Roth himself.

Since Sunday, the editors of Wesleying have thought deeply about our publication’s role in this situation. We don’t all agree, so we decided to publicly share some of our insights to offer a transparent view on why we did what we did, and what that means for Wesleying as a blog. Read on for these perspectives:

Stethoscope Press Looking For Editors


Alec Harris ’14 writes:

Stethoscope Press, which publishes several original any-genre student chapbooks each year, is looking for editors! Editors will select proposals this fall and will spend several months working with the authors to create and design daring and beautiful books. Previous publications included a book of short stories, a graphic novel, a book of poems, a collage memoir, and a novella. Email stethoscopepress(at)gmail(dot)com for an application!

Applications are due Monday, September 16th!