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Election Night Results Screening

Amy Davis ’13 invites you to do this before you do this (or this):

The American Studies Majors’ Committee and the Government Majors’ Committee are pleased to invite one and all to count down to our next president Tuesday Nov. 6 at 9pm in the Woodhead Lounge! There will be snacks (feel free to bring your own too!), games, and lots of anxious fingernail biting. Bring your friends, stop in or stay a while, and celebrate (or mourn) the night away with us!

Date: Tuesday, November 6
Time: 9 pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: Free

Get out the Vote Planning Meeting

Is it obvious that “Not” Alyssa “Not” Bonneau ’14 is “not” emailing me things to post to Wesleying, on the regs?

Young voters represent 24% of the electorate this cycle, and we need to do everything we can to make sure Wes students get to the polls. The election’s in 15 days, and there is a lot of work to be done. I’d like to have a meeting tomorrow tomorrow (Monday) night at 10pm at the Usdan couches/chairs so we can get to know each other and put together a basic plan. Please let me know if you’re available for this time – and forward this to whoever you think might be interested!

Date: 2marra, October 22
Time: 10 PM (22:00)
Place: Usdan’s black chairs
Cost: About $1,500,000,000

Money and the 2012 Election: Professors Panel and Discussion

To all the political peeps out there, Alyssa Bonneau ’14 has a message for you:

Join Democracy Matters this Thursday, October 11th at 5pm in PAC 004 to discuss how money is influencing the 2012 Presidential Election. American Government professors Dancey, Lim, and Fowler will present on the Citizen’s United decision, and how our democracy is faring billions in campaign contributions later.

Also featuring visiting speaker Democracy Matters Executive Director and Colgate Professor Joan Mandle!

Date: Thursday, October 11
Time: 5pm
Place: PAC 004