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"I voted."

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is Election Day!

The polls are open from 6 AM to 8 PM, so all U.S. citizens on campus should find some time to vote at their assigned polling location. Connecticut offers Election Day Registration, meaning those of you who forgot to register or to apply for an absentee ballot can still register and vote in person in the main lobby of City Hall.

Vans to City Hall and the various polling places will  depart regularly from Usdan starting at 9 AM, and several of the polls are within walking/biking distance of campus. Bring a photo ID (such as your WesCard) and the letter emailed to you over the weekend from Wesleyan’s Office of the Registrar. The Registrar’s site has more information on registration and ID requirements. Students voting by absentee ballot should double-check their state’s deadline and mail it back on time.

Still unsure about voting in Middletown? Check out my reasons, let your fave celebrities convince you, or read a local newspaper.

Election Day (now with same-day registration!)


From Ben Florsheim ’14:

Today is Election Day, and there are a number of important local races in Middletown. For the first time ever, Connecticut voters can register in person on the day of the election and vote, so whether you are already a registered Middletown voter or not, it’s time to inform yourself and cast a ballot.

The Office of Community Service is providing shuttles from 9 AM until 8 PM to all polling locations that serve Wesleyan students, as well as City Hall where new voters can register and vote. Shuttles will be leaving from Wyllys Ave outside Usdan.

So what’s going on? Mayor Dan Drew (D) faces only token opposition this year, from registered nurse John Kilian, the founder of the Middletown Realistic Balance Party. However, the man who Drew defeated two years ago, former mayor Sebastian Giuliano (R), is mounting a campaign for City Council, along with 7 other Republicans and 8 Democrats. Also in the mix for council are two Republican incumbents who were denied renomination by their party and are now running as independents, along with local activist Fred Carroll, running on the Realistic Balance line. The current council composition is 8 Democrats and 4 Republicans; the Democrats are hoping to preserve their majority, while the Republicans are gunning for a comeback, even if they didn’t put forward a candidate for the city’s top job.

In Wesleyan-related news, Steven Kovach ’13 (D) is a candidate for Board of Education, and biology professor Stephen Devoto (D) is a candidate for the Planning and Zoning Commission. The sample ballot has the names and party affiliations of all candidates, and is worth perusing before you head to the polls. Further information can be found on the 90s-tastic websites for the local Democratic and Republican parties.

Local politics may not be flashy, but these are the races where every vote truly counts, and as community stakeholders like everyone else, Wesleyan students have the right to be involved in the process. So, whoever you end up supporting for the many races being contested this year, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

Date: TODAY, Tuesday, November 5
Time: 9 AM – 8 PM
Place: Middletown
Cost: Free!

It’s Election Day!

Vote early and vote often. Or something.

Students who are registered to vote in Middletown are urged to cast their ballots on Tuesday! There will be a shuttle leaving Usdan every hour, on the hour from 12 PM to 6 PM for those who would like a ride to the polls.

Note: voting in Middletown is at the Senior Center on 150 Williams Street, across Broad Street from the Bookstore.