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Worst. Email. Gaffe. Ever.

cornellThis is a few days old, but far too ridiculous not to share.

In an email gaffe horror story of Shakespearean proportions, a Cornell Business School employee somehow managed to forward a nauseatingly lewd email exchange with his mistress, replete with Beavis & Butthead-style innuendo, to the entire fucking business school. First, our starring characters:

John: a Cornell Business School Tech Consultant. Yes, he’s married. Apparently enjoys erotic tickling. Expresses sexual arousal with long streams of exclamation points and smiley faces.

Lisa: also a Cornell Business Employee. Also married.

I was gonna include some prime highlights from the emails here, but—well, yes, they really are that bad. Just . . . gross. Read the whole exchange here, if you’re so inclined (read from the bottom up). And check out the Cornell’s mortified apology here. Enjoy.