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WSA Emergency Resources

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a hurricane coming our way. Also, we’re on life-support for Monday and Tuesday — no classes and most auxiliaries are shut down. The Wesleyan Student Assembly will continue to function as a resource to students and a conduit for addressing student concerns during this emergency.

The Wesleyan Student Assembly will be in constant communication with administrators throughout the next few days to deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The WSA will be operating out of its office on the first floor of the Usdan University Center, as Usdan will serve as the physical campus hub during the emergency. All notices can be found in physical form on the doors and boards of Usdan. In addition, the WSA will operate a physical version of the RideBoard outside its office in Usdan. Please go there to offer or solicit rides to various places, whether for supplies (Price Chopper) or to assist in Middletown community emergency support efforts.

During Usdan’s operating hours, you should usually be able to find somebody at the WSA Office if you have questions or concerns. You can also attempt to reach members by email or phone; see below.

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