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Wes Alums Make Web Series, Give Film Majors Shred of Hope for Post-Grad Creative Fulfillment

Boychicks” fans rejoice: Josh Margolin ’11 and Charlie Alderman ’11 just made the interwebs a little bit brighter with the release of “New Partner,” a web series about “a young hotshot cop…who keeps getting his partners killed.” Margolin (of “New Girl” and, more importantly, “Enrolled” fame) stars as said hotshot alongside other glamorous working actors like Wayne Knight and Nick Searcy. Finally we can all breathe a sigh of relief about the fate of the comedy crisis on campus. Check out the first episode below, and watch to your heart’s content at their website.

Enrolled Alums Film Comedy Sketch, Possible Web Series

You might remember comedy veteran Josh Margolin ’11 as one of the creators of “Enrolled,” Wesleyan’s first ever web series. Now he’s back at it again, this time joined by Julian Silver ’12 and Charlie Alderman ’11. The three recently released “boychicks” (yes, with a lowercase ‘b’), a comedic sketch about a few broke 20-somethings as they scheme to obtain free drinks. (Sound familiar?) Though it is currently a stand-alone sketch, Margolin says they plan on shooting more and hope to expand it into a web series.

In the clip, “The boychicks attempt to get their drink on… without spending any money. ” Watch it above.

Postponed, Episode Four: Out Of The Vans and Into The Dumpsters

“Dude, dumpster diving is very serious business in some cultures in some places.”

Aaand we’re back. As promised, lovable bums Chris Correa ’10 and Robby Hardesty ’12 write in with the latest episode of their web series baby, Postponed, this one with a little less sex and drugs and a little more garbage. Beneath all the financial frustration and unemployment despair, there’s also a musical number (whoah!) and a reasonably accurate depiction of a WestCo Open Mic. Look out for a few brief WesKid cameos, including the lovably fraternal sororal Rosy and Roxy ’14.

Failing gainful employment yet again (apparently comparing yourself to Charlie from Charlie’s Angels and a “lighter-skinned Morgan Freeman” doesn’t win you points in job interviews), our heroes turn to dumpster diving to make ends meet (which isn’t really so farfetched among Wesleyan alumni). Eventually they end up entertaining WestCo—sorry, Middletown College crowd in the hopes of winning $100 worth of food money. Who’s excited to graduate?

As always, Postponed consists of Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 directing; Gabe Elder ’11, Velsor, and Park editing; Correa and Velsor writing; and Robby Hardesty ’12 and Correa acting. You can see past episodes herehere, and here, and a short interview with the creators here

Postponed Drops Second Webisode, Seeks Extras

“In the Hipster Revolution, the poor become the rich. And the rich—they’re the poor!”

A few weeks ago we posted the debut webisode of Postponed, a titillating new Wes-based web series about unemployed life on the sketchiest outskirts of Wesleyan’s campus, produced by a ragged group of mostly recent alums who may or may not know a thing or two about the subject in question. Among the notables: Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 directing; Gabe Elder ’11, Velsor, and Park editing; Correa and Velsor writing; and  Robby Hardesty ’12 and Correa starring. The campus in question is referred to as Middleton, but who’s kidding?

“This narrative will hit home with many from our cadre of recent graduates who are unemployed or who have friends experiencing it,” explained the creators. No [expletive]ing [expletive]! Episode one was arguably a bit more despairing than funny, brimming with bleak tirades on living in a trailer, lashing out at your alma mater, and still hitting on freshman girls. The follow-up branches out a bit, exploring Relevant Subjects in Today’s Youth Culture, including but not limited to: free hugs, becoming a hipster, eating in WesWings, lying about employment (or lackthereof), lying about employment while eating in WesWings and becoming a hipster, and Ulysses. Keep watching, because the best confrontation arrives about nine minutes in.

“ENROLLED” Webseries #2: Holiday Dinner

Chris Correa ‘10, Robby Hardesty ‘11, Josh Margolin ‘11, and Caitlin Winiarski ’10 are out with the second episode of their Wesleyan-based web series, “Enrolled”.

“Holiday Dinner”: in which the roommates plan a holiday dinner, and awk ensues. Also featuring Zach Rebich and Sabina Friedman-Seitz ’11, and a cameo from Theater Professor David Jaffe.

Looks great, getting better! The first episode here if you missed it, and see all the clips thus far at the FutureHouse Youtube channel.

“ENROLLED:” Wesleyan’s First Web Series

Chris Correa ’10, Robby Hardesty ’11, and Josh Margolin ’11 have been working on a web series that rotates around a group of friends at Wes. Now the first episode is oficially here:

Check out the pilot episode of “ENROLLED”, Wesleyan University’s first web series!

Starring: Robby Hardesty, Chris Correa, Caitlin Winiarski, Josh Margolin and Zach Rebich. Featuring: Allie San Roman and Charlie Krem.

Looks great. Check it out: