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Radical Inhabitation

radicalKate Gilbert ’18 writes in:

In order to raise awareness about environmental issues on Wesleyan’s campus, and to make environmentalism more of a priority of the student body, Matilda Ostow, Lizzy Elliott and I have planned Radical Inhabitation. This action, which consists of a workshop and sleep-out, and culminates in a human banner, strives to connect environmental groups on campus and to expand dialogue about environmental issues. We invite anyone and everyone to participate in this event – join us on Foss on Wednesday April 27th at 7pm.


Re-envision our relationship to green spaces on campus. Climate change is disrupting our world, DISRUPT one night of your life by participating in:

*Workshop* – An evening of environmental exchange and collaboration
*Sleep Out* – Occupying Foss to radicalize the way we inhabit our campus
*Human Banner* – Use our bodies to send a message to the student body

– Come fed
– Bring sleeping bag/pad (or borrow a friend’s)
– Only experience necessary: being a human on planet earth.

Let’s create a collective attitude of environmental awareness and action!

Date: Wednesday, April 27 – Thursday, April 28
Time: 7:00 PM – 11:00 AM
Place: Foss Hill

Loam Magazine Release


From Kate Weiner ’15

The spring issue of loam is out!

Pick up a free copy around campus and check out beautiful photographs, read lovely poems, and learn more about the environmental scene at Wesleyan.loam is printed on recycled paper and published as part of E.O.N.’s GreenScene.

We will be seeking submissions soon for next semester!

Wes, Divest! Kicks Off the Semester


It’s a new semester and the activism is already on a roll.  This important message brought to you by the one and only Angus McLean ’16:

Do you want Wes to practice what it preaches? Join the fight for fossil fuel divestment! Whether you’re a dancer, an econ major, or just someone who is generally concerned about the future stop by and learn how we can make a feasible and formidable difference by responsibly shifting our investments away from the most powerful and dangerous industry on Earth.

Earth Month at Wesleyan and Neighboring Insitutions

From our resident Sustainability Coordinator Jennifer Kleindienst:

Wesleyan is celebrating Earth Month during April with a ton of activities, both on-campus and in the community. You can listen to music at Earth Fest, garden with WILD Wes, hear Juliet Schor ’75 talk about “The Practice of Plenitude,” clean up with NEAT in the North End, watch some movies at the Yale Environmental Film Festival, get local food at the Wesleyan Farmers’ Market, plant a tree, and so much more! See the full schedule here!

Date: All of April
Time: All the time!
Place: All over the place!
Free: Most events are free and open to the public.

Submit to this year’s Earth Week Zine


Rachie Weisberg ’15, Becca Wilton ’15 and Ella Ross ’15 want you to submit to this year’s Earth Zine:

A zine is an awesome mini-magazine that allows students to voice their art/opinions/feelings/other synomyms for emotions about, well, anything. In accordance with last year’s Earth Zine, we are hoping this zine will become the new annual environmental publication on campus. Basically, it is an awesome and easy way to get your art published!

The theme for this year’s zine is Earth and Justice for All (or simply put: environmental justice). This theme was decided upon because it follows the Feet to the Fire theme for this year.

Feel free to submit anything – essays, photos, articles, haikus, doodles, – that you feel at all relates to this year’s theme. Whether you have a specific submission in mind or just have a question: feel free to contact Rachie at rweisberg(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. This year’s Earth week is from April 22 – 26 and so we are hoping to get the zine out by around them!

Contact: rweisberg@wes
Deadline: Soonish

Help the Environment and your Wardrobe!

Mother Teresa ’13 is letting hir humanitarian tendencies all hang out there:

Do us all a favor and get rid of those cargo shorts you’ve had since the summer ’05. We are collecting clothes for a sale that will be held on Earth Day (April 22nd). We will be selling them at great prices and all proceeds will be donated to the Connecticut Fund for the Environment. Clothes can be donated in boxes located in each laundry room around campus. If you have too many clothes or are just too lazy to move them, email gkuipersATwesleyanDOTedu and we will come get your clothes from your room!

Date: April 14 – April 21
Time: This  field is pointless, so here’s something entertaining.
Place: Your Laundry Room!

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Inaugural Meeting

From one-half of one of Wesleyan’s cutest couples, Marj Dodson ’13:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a volunteer environmental lobbying group that will lobby our Congress members to move away from dirty energy and towards a clean energy future. You might have heard about CCL at the Pricing Carbon Conference, which they co-sponsored.

CCL is a national group, but we’re hoping to start a branch at Wesleyan. To learn more about the group, there will be a Wesleyan-only conference call on Monday night at 5:00 with a national organizer. You can call in from your room. The number is 866-642-1665, conference line 440699#. You can also come to Usdan 104A to call in with other members of the group. We’ll have it on speaker phone. Email mdodson(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you would like to be on the listserve.

Date:   Tomorrow, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day
Time:   5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place:  Usdan 104A

Composting Committee Inaugural Meeting

From someone really awesome but anonymous:

Did you know Wesleyan doesn’t compost? Want to make sure that we begin to compost? Want to drive an electric vehicle around campus? Do you love food waste? Help us establish an integrative composting system on campus. Its going to happen, but we need your help!

  • Date: Tomorrow, Sept. 23
  • Time: 7:45 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Place: Woodhead Lounge in Exley (its right past SciLi)

EON Kickoff Meeting!

EON Sustainability MetaphorFrom everyone’s fave Marjorie Dodson ’13:

If you’re at all interested in sustainability, this is the meeting to attend! The various environmental groups and initiatives on campus will be represented, so you can come and shop around for what moves you and sign up!

EON (environmental organizers’ network) is the umbrella environmental group that helps the various environmental groups on campus communicate with one another and promote their ideas.

Questions? Email Marj Dodson at mdodson(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

  • Date: TOMORROW, Monday, September 20th
  • Time: 9:00 PM
  • Place: Woodhead Lounge, Exley

Go the Facebook group here.  Then go to the meeting Monday.

EON Meeting Monday

Anne Rosenthal ’10 wants to celebrate Earth Day with you:

EARTH DAY TURNS 40 THIS YEAR, and Wes has big plans to celebrate! More like EARTH MONTH for us. Come to Woodhead Lounge tomorrow, Monday 4/12, at 8 PM, to see what’s on tap for the next few weeks. If you want to get involved, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up, and if you just want to preview of the calendar of upcoming events, that’s fine, too. If you are organizing an event, come to get support/publicity. There will be snacks! Email weseon(at)gmail(dot)com with questions.

  • What: EON Meeting
  • Where: Woodhead Lounge
  • When: Monday, April 12, 8 PM