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Environmental Literature Student Forum Interest Meeting

The amazing Rachel Earnhardt ’17 invites you to an interest meeting for her student forum class:

In this student forum, we begin by exploring the canon of American environmental literature and discussing key elements of ecocriticism. We will then dive into contemporary topics/mediums like environmental journalism, writing about climate change, urban nature journaling, environmental justice literature and many more. Through a variety of writing exercises, we will work to shape our voices as we are part of the next generation of environmental communicators. In addition, there are some v exciting guest speakers lined up to complement the course material! This is a 1.0 credit (pass/fail) course.

If you need more incentive, there will be DESSERT at the meeting (and probably several classes too).
***If you can’t come to the interest meeting or can’t wait until tomorrow, please email me and I can send you a copy of the syllabus!***

Date: Tuesday, September 8th
Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: Allbritton 311

Unofficial Orientation Series: Keeping Green on Campus


If you came to Wesleyan because of some vague, or obvious, interest in environmentalism, then you’re in luck! If you find the right people, organizations, classes, etc. then you’ll have a great support system for keeping green on campus. If you thought it was impressive that the admissions building has solar panels on top of it (mostly a ploy to get environmentalist students to apply), then you’ll have a great time getting involved with sustainability efforts at Wes.

First of all, Wesleyan has a sustainability coordinator, whose role is to help further Wesleyan’s mission of sustainability, including making things clearer to you. Her name is Jen Kleindienst and you can send her an e-mail at jkleindienst[at]wes. For questions regarding sustainability, you should also check out Wesleyan’s sustainability website.

Honey and the Sting Abuzz over Kickstarter

Honey and the Sting (Sam Long ’12, Jess Best ’14, Mel Hsu ’13, Gemma Smith ’13, Howe Pearson ’12), the environmentally-conscious band that loves the Connecticut River, is recording an album! They initially formed for Sam Long’s thesis concert and have just written a 10-song album about their favorite river ever. But now they need help raising funds to mix and master the album…so they started a Kickstarter campaign

Earth Day speaker Shalini Kantayya presents film

shalini-kantayyaThe Environmental Studies Program, in collaboration with EON and Feet to the Fire is sponsoring the Earth Day keynote speaker, filmmaker and environmental activist Shalini Kantayya, who will speak and present her film, A Drop of Life.

Set in the near future, A Drop of Life is the story of two women, a village teacher in rural India and an African American corporate executive, whose disparate lives intersect when they are both confronted with lack of access to clean drinking water.

Her production company, 7th Empire, is committed to using media to give a powerful voice to the unheard. Her film, A Drop of Life, a futuristic sci-fi flick about the mounting global water crisis, has been used by the African Water Network as an organizing tool in more than 40 villages across Africa.

Check her out in the Wesleyan Connection, and get more information on Kantayya, her company and films.

Date: Wednesday April 15
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: CFA Cinema
A reception will follow!

Environmental Studies major in the works?

Members of the Facebook group “Support the Environmental Studies Linked Major at Wesleyan” received the following message last night:

Good News: We now have a Environmental Studies Major at Wesleyan!!! It passed today at the faculty meeting! Thanks so much everyone for your help at support! I will keep this group running for a while for questions about the major. No news on declaring yet, but I will post info about declaring the major, courses, description etc etc in the coming weeks. Thanks so much again everyone!!

According to group creator Eliana Theodorou ’12, the major will go into effect in the fall. Rising sophomores will be able to declare it, and rising juniors will likely be able to switch as well. The group also notes that “Students will still have to fulfill requirements for another major to gain expertise in an area. The Environmental Studies major is linked so that students will be able to bring use their expertise from another major to the table when dealing with environmental issues.” The major requires one introductory course and seven electives, including a senior “capstone project” and senior colloquium. The Environmental Studies certificate will still be offered as well.

WesMaps still only lists the Environmental Studies certificate, and be aware there hasn’t been an official confirmation of this yet. Still, I see no reason to doubt this.