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Unofficial Orientation 2016: How to Keep Wes Green

This will be mostly a repost of Samira‘s two updates of DMZ‘s original 2012 post but with some important updates, so read on, dear freshies.

Is there anything more romantic than a bike ride in place? (October 2012)

Is there anything more romantic than a bike ride in place? (October 2012)

This is part of our 2016 Unofficial Orientation Series. A quick reminder that you can check out the welcome post here and past years’ series here.

If you came to Wesleyan because of some vague, or obvious, interest in environmentalism, then you’re in luck! If you find the right people, organizations, classes, etc. then you’ll have a great support system for keeping green on campus. If you thought it was impressive that the admissions building has solar panels on top of it (mostly a ploy to get environmentalist students to apply), then you’ll have a great time getting involved with sustainability efforts at Wes.

First of all, Wesleyan has a sustainability coordinator, whose role is to help further Wesleyan’s mission of sustainability, including making things clearer to you. Her name is Jen Kleindienst and you can send her an email at jkleindienst(at)wes. For any and all questions regarding sustainability, you should also check out Wesleyan’s sustainability website. (I’ll be going through the most important details, but I can’t link to everything.)

Wild Walls

WILD WALLSFrom Kate “Katydid” Weiner ’15:

Love to garden? Want to learn more about vertical living walls? Enjoy making things? Wild Walls will be building a large-scale green wall on campus this semester that will incorporate both a vertical garden and herb wall.

We would love your help! If you’d like to join or have any questions/ideas, contact kweiner[at]wesleyan.edu

Contribute to Loam Environmental Arts Magazine

loamFrom the radiant Kate Weiner ’15:

Loam, Wesleyan’s environmental arts magazine, is seeking editors, graphic designers, and artists to contribute to our fall semester publication. Check out the spring 2014 issue here to get a sense of the work we do. We love sharing creative expressions of our relationship with the earth and can’t wait to see your contributions!
If you are interested in working with the loam team, please contact Kate at kweiner (at) wesleyan.edu

Apply to be an EON Coordinator


From Isabel Stern ’14:

EON (Environmental Organizer’s Network) is looking for a few new coordinators to join the efforts of the lovely Kate Wiener for the academic ’14-’15 year! EON is the umbrella network over all the environmental groups on campus and helps to keep everyone connected and in the loop of what’s going on on campus. You may also know EON for the GreenScene, Wesleyan’s biweekly environmental newsletter, or our brand spankin new printed edition: loam (pick it up for FREE around campus!)

Want to join in on all the green goodness? APPLY TODAY!

Loam Magazine Release


From Kate Weiner ’15

The spring issue of loam is out!

Pick up a free copy around campus and check out beautiful photographs, read lovely poems, and learn more about the environmental scene at Wesleyan.loam is printed on recycled paper and published as part of E.O.N.’s GreenScene.

We will be seeking submissions soon for next semester!

28 Days, 28 Ways To Save

2011 Wesleyan Campus at night

Those cuties Ari Lewenstein ’16 and Isabel Stern ’14 write in to tell you that you (yes! you!) can do it in the dark:

The days are short. The walks are cold. Do you know what you should be doing? Of course you do! You should Do It In The Dark!

For those of you who have forgotten, or who only remember bright numbers and a general sense of impending doom around campus, it’s time for another campus-wide energy saving contest! Here’s how this semester is going to work:

Wes EON GreenScene, Issue 3

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 5.36.20 PM

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out this week’s issue of GreenScene to learn about the divestment resolution passed through the WSA, to find some environmentally relevant articles of the week, and to get more info on campus sustainability.

Heard of the Arctic 30? Well did you know that one of our Wes Alums was recently imprisoned for acts of peaceful protest? From our newsletter:

“Earlier last month Wes alum Dima Litvinov ’86 and twenty-nine other Greenpeace activists were arrested in Russia for protesting offshore oil drilling. The activists, known as the Arctic 30, were initially arrested after two of their members attempted to climb an offshore oil rig, the Prirazlomnaya, to hang an anti-drilling banner. The Prirazlomnaya is the first offshore oil rig to drill in the Arctic, which gives environmentalists particular concern given the Arctic’s unique climate and biodiversity. Initially the Arctic 30 was charged with piracy; after public outcry over the piracy charges, Russia has promised to change the alleged offense to hooliganism, which still carries a potential seven year prison sentence. On Nov. 6th the International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas began hearing the Arctic 30’s case.”

Check out our blog for the full article.

EON Meeting


Want to eat lunch AND get to chat about Earthy stuff happening on campus with some of Wes’s coolest student groups? Come to the EON meeting for all of the above!

QUESTIONS? E-mail weseon[at]gmail[dot]com!

Date: Friday, November 1st
Time: noon (BYOLunch)
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 110

First EON Meeting of the Year



Are you interested in not raising children in a post-apocalyptic landscape? The Wesleyan Environmental Organizers Network is having their first meeting on Friday, September 20th! Details from Isabel Stern ’14:

We all know you’ve been waiting, and it’s finally here: THE FIRST EON MEETING OF THE YEAR! We want to hear from every environmentally-minded person/group/club that we can, so come to share your plans for the year, thoughts and ideas about to how to improve the environmental scene at Wes, or just to sit and eat lunch with some awesome people!

Date: Friday, September 20
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 115

Environmental Organizers Network: Elections and Application


Interested in getting more involved with an environmental group on campus next year?  You’re in luck: EON (Environmental Organizer’s Network) is searching for three new coordinators:

The responsibilities of coordinators include planning and facilitating a few large EON meetings a semester as well as organizing resources for the many separate environmental groups on campus. You will also get to write the weekly Green Scene newsletter, meet with the sustainability coordinator, attend SAGES meetings and more.  The position is not an enormous commitment but can also be a great opportunity to spread your message of sustainability to the Wesleyan community, really it can be whatever you want it to be.  Plus, you get to send lots of emails.