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WSA Passes Resolution to Keep Spring Fling Day

The sun’s shining, birds are chirping, and there’s music playing.   Finals are coming up quick, but maybe you just want to relax, take a breather.  Why not rock out to some good music with hundreds of your fellow Wesleyan students?  Spring Fling is that opportunity.

Every year, we have one day—just one day—to all be together and do nothing but listen to music and hang out.  And now, that day is under threat of going away.  The Educational Policy Committee of the University, which sets the school’s academic calendar in five-year increments, is considering removing a day dedicated to Spring Fling.

In response, the WSA passed legislation at its five-hour meeting this Sunday titled “Resolution 6.34 Resolution on Reading Period and Spring Fling.”  The resolution notes that we are already pretty stressed about finals with only four days each for Reading “Week” and Finals “Week,” and this would just make things worse.  Students have been pretty insistent that they need more time to study, not less.  We’re already evicted just hours after finals end, leaving little time to pack.  There’s explicit concern about students’ health expressed in the resolution.  As a member of the WSA, I voted for the resolution and have to say, this is not good for academics, not good for campus spirit, and not good for health.

Read the full resolution here.  Email wsa[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you want to reinforce the point, and share your thoughts in the comments here too.