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EPortfolio Gets a Makeover

New EPortfolio is up. I am unsure about the Cardinal, but looks good.


Customizable themes!


You can also add more widgets to your Portfolio, including RSS feeds of Wesnews, the Roth blog, the Argus… even Wesleying. That is useful!


ePortfolio is (EDIT: WAS) down for maintenance today — the cause? A “security breach”. See Xue’s post on the update from ITS

From ePortfolio:

Eportfolio, WesNet, Classifieds and others ….
are unavailabe for several hours starting Aug 2 at 11am.
We are investigating an incident which warrants this action.

From Assistant Director of Technology Support Services James Taft‘s all campus email:

Due to a security breach in the ePortfolio system, ITS is shutting down ePortfolio in order to stop the unauthorized access and patch the vulnerabilities that allowed the break-in to occur. We do not yet know the duration of the downtime, but we estimate that it will be a couple of hours. We will follow up with more information as we learn more about the issue.

If this h4x0r unsubscribes me from my Custom Events Calendar, all is lost.

Things could always be worse: