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Espwesso is Hiring!

From our pals over at Espwesso:

Espwesso is currently hiring members of the classes of 2021 and 2022 to work as baristas in our student-run, community-oriented specialty coffee shop. All applicants must be on work-study. While experience is great, it is not required—we encourage anyone who is excited about coffee and interested in contributing to this independent student space to apply.
Complete the following Google Form by April 10 at 4pm:
Date: Wednesday, April 10
Time: 4 PM

Espwesso Is Hiring!

Espwesso writes in: espwesso1

Espwesso is currently looking to hire two new employees! Applicants must be work-study and must fill out the questions below. Please send answers as well as relevant resumes to rmanayan[at]wesleyan[dot]edu by Friday, September 30. Hope to hear from you soon!

  1. Are you work-study?
  2. What is your relative availability Sunday – Thursday nights (9pm – 1am), and how many hours do you anticipate wanting to work per week?
  3. Describe your relationship with coffee. Why do you want to work at the café?
  4. What other activities/organizations do you participate in during the school year?
  5. Tell us something interesting or weird you’ve heard/read about this past week!
  6. Use an experience to illustrate your ability to work in customer service. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
  7. You’re working at Espwesso and you realize we are ALL OUT of non-dairy milk. Sasha and Malia Obama walk in and both ask for almond milk lattes. What do you do?

All best,
Espwesso mgmt

Application Deadline: Friday, September 30 at 12 AM

Espwesso is Hiring!

squirrel with coffeeFrom the folks at Espwesso:

WE’RE HIRING AGAIN !!! crazy how quickly this happens. See the application questions below, and email your answers as well as a resume to rmanayan(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by this Sunday, May 1st. Work-study only, underclassmen preferred!!!


1. Are you work-study?
2. What is your relative availability Sunday – Thursday nights (9pm – 1am), and how many hours do you anticipate wanting to work per week?
3. Why do you want to work at the cafe?
4. What other activities and organizations do you take part in during the school year?
5. Tell us about something interesting or weird you’ve heard/read about this past week.
6. Use an experience to illustrate your ability to work in customer service or group environment. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
7. You’re working at Espwesso and we are ALL OUT OF non-dairy milk. Sasha and Malia Obama walk in and ask for almond milk lattes. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Application Deadline: Sunday, May 1

Coffee Shop Talk with Alexandra Duncan

6987256-coffee-cupFrom the Wesleyan Doula Project:

Please join the Wesleyan Doula Project for our “Coffee Shop Talk” this Wednesday! Come sip coffee, eat snacks, and talk with Alexandra Duncan about her work as a Gynecological Teaching Assistant who teaches students about breast and pelvic exams – reconstructing the narrative we tell about our bodies.

Date: Wednesday, April 20
Time: 9:00-10:00 PM
Place: Espwesso

Espwesso: Winter Break Hours!

espwesso giant coffeeMara Woods-Robinson ’16 writes in with exciting winter break news:

Exciting news for ye thesis-writers, winter session-ers, international students, and anyone else stuck on a coffee-less campus for the rest of winter break: Espwesso will be re-opening early, on Wednesday, Jan. 13! We will be open in the mornings, 9AM-1PM, serving our normal menu of drinks, and accepting CASH, MIDDLETOWN CASH, or ROLLOVER POINTS from the fall semester. Stay tuned for more information on our Facebook page.

Reopening Date: Wednesday, January 13
Time: 9 AM – 1 PM
Place: Espwesso (Allbritton basement)

Espwesso Is Hiring

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.26.24 PM

From Emily Pfoutz ’16:

Please respond by Wednesday, November 25th (Thanksgiving break). Underclassmen preferred.

Job Description and Application: 

This is a training position that prepares you to work as a barista at Espwesso the following semester. Baristas at Espwesso are responsible for making drinks, taking suggested per-drink donations, and cleaning and maintaining the cafe space. As a barback, you will work one to two 9pm-11pm shifts a week. You will be working during our busy periods, at the same time as a barista, and will be responsible for working the register station, brewing drip coffee and anything else the barista needs so that they can make drinks as fast as possible.

You will receive 3-5 hrs of mandatory paid training from the cafe manager(s) over the course of the semester. Satisfactory completion of a semester’s work as a barback will make you eligible to become a barista, which will involve a raise and the requirement of working at least one 5 hour shift a week.

Espwesso Extended Hours


PSA from Emily Pfoutz ’16:

We’ve been talking about it and it’s finally happening – Espwesso will
now be open during the mornings during the week as well as evenings!
Early enough for your 9 ams, the new set hours start this sunday and
are as follows:

Sunday AM 10am-2pm
Monday-Friday 8:30am-12:30pm
Sunday-Wednesday evenings 9pm-1am

Date: Sunday, September 20th- Saturday, October 17th
Time: 10:00 AM- 4:oo PM
Place: Albritton Basement

Espwesso is Hiring


From Emily Pfoutz ’16:

Espwesso is actively seeking applicants for several openings. We are looking for motivated, work-study eligible underclassmen committed to joining and sustaining the Espwesso community for the duration of their time at Wes. Food service experience is a plus but not a requirement; enthusiasm and commitment are essential! Applications are due at the end of Spring Break – Monday, March 23rd at midnight. Email epfoutz[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with a resume and answers to the application questions.

Job Description and Application:

Espwesso Daytime Hours

To all our coffee-loving friends and Espwesso supporters:

WE’RE SELLING COFFEE DURING THE DAY! yep, that’s right, when you tumble out of bed on the weekends and aren’t sure how to start your day or possibly begin all that work, and pi isn’t even open yet… We have a solution. Espwesso is now open 10am-2pm every Saturday and Sunday. If you like this idea, and you want these hours to continue, please come out this weekend!! We are entirely financially self-sustaining and if we don’t have customers we can’t be open. And as always, free drip coffee if you bring your own mug!

Date: TODAY and tomorrow!
Time: RIGHT NOW (10-2 Saturdays and Sundays)
Place: Espwesso (Allbritton basement)

Open Healing Space


From Caroline Catlin ’15:

There will be an open space in Espwesso for anyone who wants to come together and support one another due to recent campus events. Free tea will be provided as well as materials to write messages of support to the community (we will have giant pieces of paper) and/or make cards or notes (with out using names) to people in the hospital. Resources and information on different support systems will be available. Organized by CAPS and Active Minds at Wes.

Date: Tuesday, Feb 24
Time: 2-6 PM
Place: Espwesso
FB Event.