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Wesleyingiversary: Our Designer, ehc™

“So where are these secular pagan spring ritual eggs”


This is part of our series of Wesleyingiversary interviews. You can find the rest here.

It’s been quite a time since we got a facelift. Way back in the Winter of 2013, Wesleying got a handy dandy WordPress redesign. The architect was none other than ehc, who apparently does not remember doing this event post about PSafe and voyeurism. Three years later, we are desperately looking to resubscribe to internet beauty standards (click the link and CODE FOR US PLEASE WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND INTERVIEW YOU MAYBE FOR OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY IDK YET I WILL BE 30 THEN). 

I talked to ehc and he made me call the Wesleying hotline.

How to Get a Google Internship, Tips from Evan Carmi ’13

ecarmigoogleEvan Carmi ’13, also known on Wesleying as ehc, wrote an e-book called “How to Get a Google Internship,” which has tips for how to get software engineering internships at companies like Google, the New York Times, and start-ups. He currently works for the start-up Brewster, and has worked on the New York Times London Olympics website, schoolbook.org (collects data about NYC schools), and a bunch of other cool stuff. He also did this impressive thing:

Served as Chief Technology Mastermind for wesleying.org, a popular blog about student life at Wesleyan University. While an undergraduate at Wesleyan University, I moved the WordPress site to a dedicated Linode VPS and optimized the server to handle increased traffic. I also completed a major redesign of the site in January 2013.

Vote For Your Favorite Hackathon App

Last night I profiled the first ever Senior Week Hackathon. Today, after presumably “catching up” on some “shut-eye,” Julian Applebaum ’13 writes in to remind you about voting:

The community vote for the Senior Week Hackathon is open. The three apps people built are:

The link to vote is here. It’s also on weshack.com, the Hackathon’s official website. It’s only available to people with a Wesleyan email address.

So yeah. Here’s the link again. Read about the Hackathon here.

Group of Huge Nerds Holds Slumber Party in Exley 137: Meet the Senior Week Hackathon

Breaking: Wes has Computer Science majors, and sometimes they stay up all night, making friends for life.


The tables and floor of Exley 137 are piled high with gluttonous food remnants—pretzel bags, sandwich displays, Dunkin Donuts bags, half-eaten pizza, chips and salsa, dozens of condiments and wrappers and sauces—but the eleven occupants of the room are far too busy staring at computer screens, coding feverishly behind glazed eyes, to take much notice. Tensions are high. Every once in a while someone grunts or high fives or messes something up and swears at a teammate. Evan Carmi ’13 is pacing furiously, staring at scripts and barking orders at his teammates, who remain surprisingly calm. I take a look at the screen, but it may as well be in Korean. (I don’t speak Korean.)

Meet the participants of the first ever Senior Week Hackathon, a heated, unimaginably sexy 36-hour coding competition organized by Carmi, Julian Applebaum ’13, and Anastasios Germanidis ’13. The participants, most of them Comp Sci majors, have been awake for the better part of 36 hours, camped out in this single, sweat-stained classroom on the main floor of Exley, and in a little less than an hour they will emerge into the world with the shiny, digital results of their tech-savvy soil. Basically, it is a slumber party for nerds. Naturally, they have been tweeting up a storm every step of the way (and enjoying free “swag” from their various sponsors).