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“The competition is still going on!!!”

Another (few) day(s), another update on the April Energy Fest from your magnanimous host, Bing Wu ’13. Nics 5-6 still rule with Fauver bringing up the rear, but there’s been some significant shuffling in between. Without further ado:

We’ve reached the end of the first week of the competition–only one more week to step up your game and reduce your consumption! Make sure that you not only work to reduce your own energy consumption but that you remind your hallmates to reduce their usage as well–you’ll all benefit from the win! A party with President Roth and free metal travel coffee mugs await you… if you beat out the formidable Nics 5-6 who are currently dominating!

1. Nics 5, 5.5 & 6
2. WestCo 3 & 4
3. Nics 7
4. Butt B
5. Butt A
6. Hewitt
7. Clark
8. Butt C
9. Lo & Hi Rise
10. WestCo 1 & 2
11. Senior Fauver
12. Freshman Fauver

Competition ends next Friday. For daily results of the past week, go to http://wesustainability.blogspot.com/