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Pornocopia II: Society and Pornography Info Session

The fine folks behind the epic sequel to the wildly popular student forum write in to announce an upcoming info session:

Hello Friends, come and attend this info session to learn what this forum is all about!

Pornography is everywhere. It is plastered on screens, posted on walls, posing on billboards, and pole-dancing its way through our minds. Despite its ubiquitous nature, porn is looked down upon. Society has always had a love-hate relationship with sexual expression. Publicly, it is condemned; yet, in the privacy of ones own home (or shower, or car, or bare-skin rug, etc), it is celebrated. How is one supposed to navigate these mixed messages? Moreover, there are stigmas based on gender, race, class and religion that dictate who is “allowed” to be sexual. The goal of this forum is to shine a light on the influence of the pornography industry in the construction of societies view of sexual expression. To do this, we will look at the development of the industry, trying to understand the ways it has evolved alongside social, political and technological revolutions.

Colorful posters attracting Prefrosh?

The Choice, a New York Times blog focusing on college admissions recently had a post by a mother-daughter pair giving advice on visiting colleges.  Regarding looking at the bulletin boards at the colleges, the daughter, Nicole, said:

Nicole: When I’m visiting a school, I seek out the bulletin boards around campus and search for fliers about community service and global action. At Wesleyan University, the overwhelming amount of colorful posters and the events they were publicizing showed me that there’s a lot of student involvement on campus

As someone who puts up many of these colorful posters (for the CFA), it’s nice to know our posters are showing prefrosh how active we are. Wait till they discover Wesleying.

Getting Events Posted Quickly

Little tiny bit of meta-blogging here:
If you’d like your events posted quickly, please provide:

  • relevant information (times, dates, etc.)
  • a relatively brief but informative summary of the event

I don’t want to have to do a mini research project to write a description for your event, and you don’t want my burnt-out-on-homework-and-studying-and-therefore-procrastinating self to be trying to pick a few paragraphs out of your several page event description to post–gigantic posts push others down the page, and people tend to skip over large blocks of text. On the other side of things, a post with dates and times but no real description isn’t going to get many people to come to your event.

Most of the stuff we receive is fine, but there are a few events I don’t have time to post right now because they don’t do all of the above.

Pictures also make for much nicer posts, although they’re not necessary.