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The ITS Help Desk Playlist: SONGZ 2 BUMP

Want some sick jamz? We got ’em, courtesy of the help desk DJs.


JohnCarlos Lunardini ’17 and Jonah Toussaint ’17 at the ITS help desk, pumpin’ jamz

You ever have to print something by that awkwardly-placed Exley printer next to the ATM that had dozens of checks with Michael Roth’s salary on them a couple days ago? While waiting for said printer to work, do you ever wish you could just be kilt by the beat?


Some folks at the Student ITS Help Desk have answered our call to be saved from the mundane, and are gracing the Exley lobby with the chillest tunes from 2016 (and other years too, probably). For those of you who don’t know, the ITS Help Desk is located right next to the printer that I was talking about, and gets students to help other students with their Tech. You can learn more about them and find their hours on their website.

Anyway, when I walked in, it wasn’t to get my rose gold iPhone connected to AirWes. I walked in and asked Jonah Toussaint ’17 for the ITS Help Desk playlist, mainly so that I could manipulate my personal Spotify Discover Weekly algorithm by adding better music to my account. But also to post here. So, here are the SONGZ 2 BUMP:

Prefrosh Open House: A Day of Student Protest


If you are a current student and were around campus at all yesterday, you likely saw hundreds of posters in Exley, a performance installation outside of North College, and/or the interruption of campus tours.

The multitude of actions occurring yesterday came in concert with October Open House, a yearly event put together by the Office of Admission. Yesterday’s open house (and the next one on November 11th) comes prior to Wesleyan’s November 15th deadline for Early Decision I, and is intended to give prospective students a more in-depth view of Wesleyan life than the normal Admissions programming.

A number of students have been organizing in response to conversations that happened at last week’s WhoRunsWes town hall, where more than 200 students reached a consensus to push for the removal of Antonio Farias and Michael Roth from their positions at the University. The intent of these actions was to highlight administrative failures, disrupt the Wesleyan brand, and make visible the pain students have experienced due to the institution’s shortcomings.

Read past the jump for more on what transpired, images and a video from today’s actions.

Now There Are More Places to Sit in Exley


New furniture!

The new furniture in the Exley Lobby, as promised to us in an email in December, is finally here. There’s currently a construction crew setting up tables by Pi and the Fish Bowl is totally empty because it’s about to get a furniture upgrade. Included in this renovation are ~*more outlets*~ as part of the seating areas, which are scattered around the whole lobby now. Exley’s about to get a lot more social.

Here’s a description of the space from an email by Brandi Hood, Senior Project Coordinator of Construction Services (and more pics after the jump):

As you may have heard, we are working on an exciting new project to upgrade the space in the Exley Science Center lobby to be more accommodating to socializing and group study. The project will include a brighter paint scheme and new carpeting to provide a safer entrance into the building from the elements and to help with settling down the acoustics in the space.  New furniture will include soft seating with power to charge your electronic devices, study tables by Exley 150 and café tables outside of Pi.  Standing kiosks with acoustic fabric and charging plugs will be installed in the structural stone nooks along the classroom walls.  New power and USB outlets will be strategically placed throughout to accommodate our ever growing electronic environment.  Last, but certainly not least, one of our alum will be providing a magnificent art display to provide visual interest and liven up the lobby!

Vigil for UNC Shooting

10997360_10206107110666526_2192549810024158129_nFrom Rizky Rahadianto ’15:

On Wednesday, 3 young Muslims, Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, were brutally murdered by a middle-aged white man.

Not only has mainstream media failed to cover the story, they have refrained from using the words “terrorism”, “hate crime”, “racism” or any other phrase that would describe this heinous incident for what it truly is.

Please join the Muslim/Arab/Middle-Eastern community as we grieve for this tragic loss. We will be holding a vigil on Sunday (2/15) in the Exley lobby at 8PM. If you would like to share your words, through a poem, short speech etc., you will be more than welcome to. Please email hfahmy[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you’re planning to do it.

Date: Sunday, Feb 15
Time: 8 PM
Place: Exley Lobby
FB Event.

Spotted: Another Deer Head


Welcome back to Wesleyan: The place of the severed deer heads. Thanks to two anonymous tipsters and Ariane Turley ’15, it was verified that there was yet another deer head in the Exley area yesterday night. Where do they keep coming from!? What does it mean?

This deer head was in the crosswalk outside Exley on Church St in the same place the deer head from two years ago was in. And it was possibly a taxidermic head as well (the most recent deer head was not taxidermic). Though it’s not uncommon for deer hunters to dispose of carcasses inappropriately (in Wesleyan parking lots), the recurring taxidermic deer head on a stop sign just seems like a weird prank.

Ariane Turley ’15 answered some questions about the deer head:

What did you see?

I was walking home from Olin around 10 PM and in the crosswalk [between Exley and Olin] I saw a girl standing in the middle of the street taking photos of the stop sign, and I was like, ‘what is this girl doing, why is she just standing in the middle of the crosswalk?’ And then I crossed the street and I realized that she was taking photos of a deer head on the stop sign. And that was that. 

Deer Head Spotted in Exley Parking Lot

“I saw some deer on Indian Hill recently. They were cute…and had their heads on.” —Laura Werle ’15

cute deer

Here’s some weird news for you late night workers: This time yesterday, a deer head (no body) was spotted in the parking lot behind Exley. This isn’t the first time a deer head was spotted around Exley. In fact, on December 5, 2012, EXACTLY TWO YEARS AGO (!!!!??) a deer head was found at the bottom of the stop sign outside of Exley.

The 2012 deer head, however, was taxidermic (the origins weren’t found), whereas this one was apparently fresh. We don’t have any pictures (thank goodness…I’d forgotten how cute deer are until I googled the image above), but it really did happen!

Jed Siebert ’16, who witnessed the deer head, explains the scene:

Annual Dance Showcase TONIGHT

1548064_10152389881027807_7999380438067936656_oFrom Stellar Levy ’15:

The Annual Dance Showcase involves all of the active dance groups on campus and gives new students a taste of each group’s style. Along with information about auditions and group meetings, the Showcase brings hip hop, contemporary, modern, ballet, step, breakdancing, African, dancehall, and much more onto one stage on one exciting night.

Performers include:
Precision Troupe and Ensemble
WesBLAST (Ballroom Latin and Swing)

Precision Troupe Presents: TWENTY


From the incredible, one-and-only Jillian Roberts ’15:

Check out Precision Troupe, the hip-hop sector of Precision Dance Company, present our annual party outside Exley Science Center this Friday, May 2nd! We’re celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year so come through and party like it’s 1994! We out here.

The show runs about 15 minutes long — make sure you come early so you get a good spot and don’t miss a thing!

Date: TODAY, Friday, May 2nd
Time: Party @ 10pm, Performance @ 10:30pm
Place: Outside Exley, Church Street Side (Rain location: inside Exley)
Facebook event

Climate Justice Conference of Solutions


The lovely Isabel Stern ’14:

Come join us at the…
Climate Justice Conference of Solutions

Wesleyan University, April 12th, 2014

WHY: Much of the conversation around climate change is dominated by the narrative of “doom-and-gloom.” We believe it is time to focus on solutions in order to move towards climate justice. The focus on the right kinds of solutions from a myriad of perspectives can help put us on the path towards a better future. Rather than continuing to talk about the forms of energy, societies, or policies we don’t want, this will be an opportunity to foster dialogues about the better future we envision.

Much more info after the jump!