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Hidden Gems: Joe Webb Peoples Museum of Natural History


Greg in a romantic vignette filter

Maybe you’ve heard that there’s a secret stuffed bison hidden somewhere in Exley? I don’t see how a stuffed bison could feasibly be a secret, so I’m skeptical about the merit of my “discovery” of it. For those who don’t know: he lives in the Joe Webb Peoples Museum of Natural History. Greg (that’s his name) the Bison is only one of many nifty artifacts located in this small museum in the middle of the E&ES department (4th floor of Exley). The museum is named after an emeritus professor who was in what used to be the Geology Department. It’s just like the museum in Animal Crossing, and that’s the most shining endorsement anyone can offer, really.

Chances are, you’re either a museum person or you’re not. If museums aren’t your thing there’s probably not a lot that could convince you to check this place out because it’s a bit like any Natural History museum, only smaller and under renovations. But if museums definitely are your thing, you’ll totally dig this place. It has a surprisingly decent array of geological artifacts, from fossils to minerals to a bunch of badass geodes and crystals. I think I spotted just one taxidermied animal besides Greg. There are two tabletop display cases with various rock and fossil specimens, one of which was filled with mostly basalt. Like, weirdly full of every kind of basalt possible. I kid you not, you can go see “congealed driblets of basalt.”

Late Night Study Spaces during Reading Period and Finals


Courtesy of Aobo “Austin” Dong ’15

Hate library hours during Reading Period and Finals? Maybe the 24-Hour Study Lounge is not enough for surviving the “Hunger” Games at Wes?

Come to Exley at night to enjoy quiet study sessions at the following classrooms located on the first floor:

ESC 109, ESC 113, ESC 121, ESC 137, ESC 139, ESC 141

They will be open from 11:00pm to 7:00am every night starting Saturday, December 7th all the way to the end of finals week. Hint: Seats ran out fast last semester! Come early to claim your rightful spot with enough snacks and drinks to survive the night. May the odds be ever in your favor!

(This event is a student initiative confirmed by University Events & Scheduling)

Dates: All this week
Time: 11 PM – 7 AM
Place: Exley
Cost: $0.00

“The Funniest Prank Ever,” Part Two: An Interview With the Guy Who Put a Mummy in his Hallmate’s Bed

Last year I interviewed a guy who found a mummy in his bed. Meet the guy who put it there.

A little more than a year ago, I posted an interview with a guy who returned to his Nics dorm room one night in early 1990 to find a rotting, 3,000-year-old mummy occupying his bed. Both the victim, Tim Abel ’93, and the perpetrator went on to champion the incident as the “funniest prank ever.” But what happened after the prank unexpectedly revealed quite a bit about Wesleyan in the early 1990s, the interconnected campus community, disciplinary confusion, mass media, the stranger side of alumni gift-giving, and perhaps even Egyptology. (Okay, maybe not that.)

For months I’ve wanted to talk with the perpetrators of the prank, who remain unnamed in news accounts and faceless in a TV interview. When one of them posted a comment (since deleted) on the post, I managed to get in touch. Let’s call him Craig Smith ’93. Smith (not his real name) is now a professional musician and a dad. But he’s not sure he’ll ever top the prank he pulled in the Nics 23 years ago this month.

As I wrote in 2012, the Middletown Mummy Mystery was more than just a good prank. I was an intergenerational legend that has “solidified its place in the lore of early 1990s Wesleyan history, providing some semblance of levity during a turbulent academic year characterized by generally unprecedented campus unrest, including a firebombing, a week-long hunger strike, racist graffiti in Malcolm X House, and the fatal shooting of Nicholas Haddad ’92.”

And here’s the other side of it. 

Group of Huge Nerds Holds Slumber Party in Exley 137: Meet the Senior Week Hackathon

Breaking: Wes has Computer Science majors, and sometimes they stay up all night, making friends for life.


The tables and floor of Exley 137 are piled high with gluttonous food remnants—pretzel bags, sandwich displays, Dunkin Donuts bags, half-eaten pizza, chips and salsa, dozens of condiments and wrappers and sauces—but the eleven occupants of the room are far too busy staring at computer screens, coding feverishly behind glazed eyes, to take much notice. Tensions are high. Every once in a while someone grunts or high fives or messes something up and swears at a teammate. Evan Carmi ’13 is pacing furiously, staring at scripts and barking orders at his teammates, who remain surprisingly calm. I take a look at the screen, but it may as well be in Korean. (I don’t speak Korean.)

Meet the participants of the first ever Senior Week Hackathon, a heated, unimaginably sexy 36-hour coding competition organized by Carmi, Julian Applebaum ’13, and Anastasios Germanidis ’13. The participants, most of them Comp Sci majors, have been awake for the better part of 36 hours, camped out in this single, sweat-stained classroom on the main floor of Exley, and in a little less than an hour they will emerge into the world with the shiny, digital results of their tech-savvy soil. Basically, it is a slumber party for nerds. Naturally, they have been tweeting up a storm every step of the way (and enjoying free “swag” from their various sponsors). 

Girl Rising Screening

The incandescent Miranda Orbach ’15 writes in to let you know about a cool film screening going on Thursday evening:

Join the global campaign to educate and empower girls around the world! Come see Girl Rising, presented at Wesleyan by Half the Sky! It will be screened in Exley 150 at 8PM on May 2nd.
Check out the phenomenal trailer here.

10X10 is a global campaign to educate and empower girls. At the center of the campaign is a feature film, Girl Rising. The film, by Academy Award nominated director Richard Robbins, features performances from Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Alicia Keys and others. This is a beautiful and important film that tells the stories of 9 remarkable girls from around the world and their remarkable journeys to overcome all odds and acquire an education. The film carries a powerful message: if we educate girls, we can change the future of some 66 million girls around the world who today only dream of going to school. Together, we can create powerful change. I hope you’ll join this movement with us!

Date: Thursday, May 2nd
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Exley 150
Facebook: Is here

Surgery Screening Tomorrow


Nope, it’s not a horror movie on the Film Series calendar. Alex Pogosky ’13 writes in to tell you why you should come to Exley tomorrow night:

If you’re interested in medicine, like watching medical TV shows, or maybe just enjoy seeing people get cut open, come check out a live surgery recording hosted by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). The video lasts about an hour and includes commentary by the surgeons. Snacks will be provided!

Date: April 15, 2013
Time: 9 PM – 10 PM
Place: Exley 058
Cost: An organ. (Just kidding, probably.)

Waste Not! Thrift Swap

Aletta Brady '15 and Rebecca Sokol '15, rocking second-hand threads

Aletta Brady ’15 and Rebecca Sokol ‘15, rocking second-hand threads

In the spirit of reusing, recycling and promoting a diversity of fashion on campus, Waste Not! is excited to introduce the Waste Not! Thrift Swap!

The event will take place this Friday (March 1) from 2-5 p.m. in the Exley lobby. So start digging through your closets. We’re looking to collect those pants that don’t fit anymore and that funky top you never wear.

If you bring clothes to donate, you’re welcome to take back some new threads. If you’d like to donate ahead of time, there are boxes set up in Usdan and the Exley lobby, as well as in a number of residence halls and laundry rooms.

Monopolizing Knowledge: Can Science Explain Everything?

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 12.59.02 PMFrom Kumbi Kuti ’16:

Science is an incredibly powerful tool … can it make religious explanations obsolete? Is the Bible inconsistent with science? Are science and faith at war? Ian Hutchinson, professor of nuclear science and engineering at MIT, will be sharing his perspective at The Veritas Forum at Wesleyan University.

We are anticipating a full house for Ian Hutchinson’s presentation! The event is open to the public, but student ID holders will be given priority seating so that Wesleyan students have the first opportunity to see Ian Hutchinson.

Date: Today, Feb 21
Time: 7-9 p.m.
Place: Exley 150 (Tishler Hall)
Cost: FREE

Photo Evidence: Fusion & X-Tacy Dance

Did anyone know that Mike Nakhla ’13 takes photos? Mike Nakhla ’13 takes photos. In between his grueling schedule of wedding crashing doing wedding photography and getting into med school, Nakhla sent us this sweet photo set from last weekend’s Club FX performance in Exley, described as “hottest dance show Wesleyan has ever seen. But actually.

Were you there? Tell us about it. For more of Nakhla’s campus photography (not to be confused with his wedding photography), click here.

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Obama Reelected; Arya Carries Flag, Leads Wesleyan in National Anthem

Breaking: “Our nation is a once great nation divided!”

Last night, around 11:15 p.m., NBC, among other major news networks, projected a reelection win for Obama after noting polling trends in battleground states. Almost immediately, Twitter exploded. Facebook exploded. The President(‘s campaign staff) tweeted:

By the time the notoriously reluctant Fox News called the election, it was clearly over. But in Exley 150, Wesleyan was still watching a glitchy ABC livestream, which was probably about 10 minutes behind and too busy zooming in on electoral maps on people’s iPads to realize that the election had been called. Wesleying liveblogged the moment. The anticipation was palpable. Projected wins for Obama in New Hampshire and Minnesota garnered huge cheers; it was an equally fantastic moment when ABC called the Massachusetts Senate race for Elizabeth Warren, one of the most genuinely progressive moments of the night.

When the projection for Ohio finally came through, the real cheers broke out, followed by “Obama! Obama!,” followed by a semi-ironic chant: “USA! USA!” Then The Wesleyan Fight Song. Then more cheers. Then someone passed around tequila. Then more cheers. Then Arya Alizadeh ’13, Zak Malik ’14, and others hoisted an American flag and led the crowd through the National Anthem. (Not particularly out of the ordinary for Arya, to be fair.)