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EMG Presents: Analog On

An exciting invitation to a super-cool concert, courtesy of the Experimental Music Group:

Analog On is an experimental electronic music ensemble that composes and performs on vintage analog electronics and modular synthesizers. The group consists of Shauna Caffrey on oscillator, saw and electronics, and Richard Duckworth on modular synthesizer and effects. Analog On made their debut at the Ideopreneurial Entrephonics II festival in Dublin, Ireland, in April 2016, and just finished recording their first release on the iconic Moog System 55 in the cockpit of the Moog Sound Lab at the Tonmeister Studio in Surrey. The aesthetic is that of the time-warp cultist with retro and future aesthetics co-existing in the same cultural and temporal space.

They will play tracks from the album in America as a musical homecoming for Richard Duckworth, as he studied analog synthesis under Herb Deutsch at Hofstra University in the 1980s: this is where he was first introduced to the Moog modular system and he spent many hours in the electronic music studio experimenting with voltage-controlled systems. Shauna Louise Caffrey is a musicology major at Trinity College, Dublin. Her life-long love of experimental soundtrack led her to join Analog On, and since then she has delighted in the creation of ‘weird noise’ and bizarre soundscapes through mixed media.

Free concert — all are welcome!

Date: Friday, March 3rd
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: Memorial Chapel

John Cage’s “Musicircus”

From the desk of The CFA:

Students from MUSC 109 “Introduction to Experimental Music” and special mystery guests stage their original work as part of a series of overlapping performances in their realization of John Cage’s “Musicircus.” The first of Mr. Cage’s “Musicircus” happenings took place in 1967 at the University of Illinois.

Date: Thursday, December 10
Time: 1:10 – 2:30 PM
Place: Crowell Concert Hall

Cleek Schrey: Variations


The CFA invites you to a music recital by graduate student Cleek Schrey:

Experience graduate music student Cleek Schrey‘s realisation of John Cage’s graphic score “Variations II” for violin and six loudspeakers, alongside original compositions and improvisations.

Date: Tuesday, November 3rd
Time: 9:00pm
Place: World Music Hall (CFA)

Toneburst + Music 220 Final Concert

A concert invitation from the CFA:

Toneburst Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble and Music 220 (Composing, Performing, and Listening to Experimental Music) end of semester concert. An evening of music and sound installations, some with video. Works by John Bischoff, Jonathan Zorn, student composers, and more.

Toneburst Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble is:  Greg Hall, Zora Li, David Elkin-Ginnetti, Will Freudenheim, Min Cheol Lee, Alex Rowland, Jakob Shaw, and Wei Wang; and graduate students Hallie Blejewski, and Cleek Schrey.

Composing, Performing, and Listening to Experimental Music is: Greg Hall, Emma Broder, Nick Daley, Vivian Deng, Ben Draghi, Will Freudenheim, Laura Hess, Will King, Adam Osborne, Kate Pappas, Eric Poretsky, Eriq Robinson, Nicole Roman-Johnston, Rachel Rosenman, Jakob Shaw, Matt Weinstein, Anna Yin, and Justin Zhang

Organized by Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Jonathan Zorn and University Professor of Music Ron Kuivila, together with graduate students Dina Maccabee, Daniel Fishkin, and Peter Blasser.

Date: Friday, May 8th – tonight!
Time: 8:00pm
Place: CFA Hall

Toneburst Concert

Andrew Chatfield and the CFA invite you to experience an exciting evening of electronic ensemble music:

The Toneburst Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble performs new works by ensemble members, and old electronic works newly arranged for laptop ensemble, under the direction of Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Jonathan Zorn.

Date: Thursday, April 16th
Time: 6:00pm
Place: CFA Hall

Vigilante Margarita/Bernd Klug/James Strong

11021455_734389261206_1614464370501490656_oA last minute request from Ben Zucker ’15:

EMG (experimental music group) presents
the first EMG show of the year! ?

Vigilante Margarita  The Buenos Aires based trio, Vigilante Margarita is landing in the US for the first time to do a tour in NY and surroundings. VM is: Cecilia Grammatico (drums, samplers), Guillermina Etkin (voice, piano) and Cecilia Lopez (voice, synthesizer). Vigilante Margarita is a Buenos Aires based trio of indie/experimental rock. www.vigilantemaergarita.com.ar www.vigilantemargarita.bandcamp.com 

“Idiopreneurial Entrephonics” Workshops and Talks – Compadres Inside Electronics

Seze Devres Photography NYC www.sdphotography.netFrom CFA staffer Andrew Chatfield:

The two day festival of music made mostly with analog electronic circuitry, “Idiopreneurial Entrephonics,” this business of sharing sound, continues with workshops and talks. At 2pm, Michael Johnsen (Pittsburgh Modular) will present his archeological investigations of the electronics of David Tudor, Gordon Mumma, and David Behrman; Mark Verbos (Verbos Electronics) will demonstrate his own line of Eurorack analog modules and discuss his work with the Buchla synthesizer; Thom Holmes will discuss his work at developing a definitive history of the Moog Synthesizer; Asha Tamirisa will provide a detailed peek into the functioning of the legendary ARP 2500 synthesizer; John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein will show their current work on “Rainforest V” and their work with Matt Rogalsky on realizing David Tudor’s microphone; and Matt Wellins will recount some of his adventures with homemade electronics.

Date: Saturday, February 21
Time: 2-4 PM
Place: World Music Hall

“Idiopreneurial Entrephonics” Workshops and Talks – The David Tudor and David Behrman Collections of Electronic Instrumentation

grl_tudor21lFrom CFA staffer Andrew Chatfield:

The two day festival of music made mostly with analog electronic circuitry, “Idiopreneurial Entrephonics,” this business of sharing sound, continues with workshops and talks.

At 11am there will be a working session on the electronic instruments, instrumentation, and associated paraphernalia included in Wesleyan World Instrument Collection, including the David Tudor and David Behrman collections of electronic instrumentation.

Date: Saturday, February 21
Time: 11 AM – 1 PM
Place: Davison Art Center

“Idiopreneurial Entrephonics” Concert I – “Perambulating, Peering, Prodding and Hearing: The Synthesizer Car Show”

shapeimage_1From CFA staffer Andrew Chatfield:

“Perambulating, Peering, Prodding and Hearing: The Synthesizer Car Show” is the first concert of a two day festival of music made mostly with analog electronic circuitry, “Idiopreneurial Entrephonics,” this business of sharing sound.

Concerts of live electronic music often end with people wandering the stage to puzzle over the maze of cables and boxes that served as the instrument of the evening’s music. The synthesizer car show reverses that. All of the instruments of the weekend will be available for audition and inspection, punctuated by short informative declamations and needle drops by Thom Holmes (author of “Electronic and Experimental Music,” and possessor of every LP record ever made that features a Moog synthesizer); and Asha Tamirisa (creator of the digital doppleganger of the ARP 2500 synthesizer). With contributions from David Behrman, Michael Johnsen, Mark VerbosMichael Schumacher, Kato Hideki, Luke DuBois, and Matt Wellins; graduate music students Peter Blasser, Cecilia Lopez, and Daniel Fishkin; and many others.

And at 9pm, there will be performances by Analogos (Michael Schumacher, Kato Hideki and Luke DuBois).

Date: Friday, February 20
Time: 8-10 PM
Place: World Music Hall