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The Onion: “New Michael Bay [’86] Romantic Comedy To Focus On Love Story Between 2 Explosions”

A photo that Mother Jones deems “The most Michael Bay photo in existence.”

From Holloman to Hollywood, Transformers make movie magic

The Onion, a satire publication (and “America’s Finest News Source,” according to itself), has released yet another article on Michael Bay ’86, director of films such as Transformers and Pearl HarborThis one is entitled “New Michael Bay Romantic Comedy To Focus On Love Story Between 2 Explosions”, picking on the director’s penchant for large explosions in his films:

According to Bay, who also wrote the script for the film, the rom-com centers around a type-A helicopter blast who thinks it has it all figured out when a free-spirited diesel truck explosion unexpectedly enters its life and shakes everything up.

“It’s really a nice little story because, on paper, these massive fireballs know they are wrong for each other, but they also have this undeniable connection they can’t ignore,” said Bay, adding that he’d actually been thinking about making a pared-down film about the small, everyday interactions between detonations since studying film in college. “This movie asks common, everyday questions like, ‘How does a jet-fueled explosion find love in this day and age?’ and ‘Can a high-octane blast really settle down? Or will it always chase any cheap-thrill oil tanker explosion any chance it gets?’”

“And the movie’s funny, too,” Bay added. “When a big misunderstanding leads to one explosion blowing up the Eiffel Tower and the other destroying the Empire State Building, well, let’s just say audiences are going to get a kick out of that scene.”

CFA Pipe Explodes; Buildings Remain Without Water

2013-02-05 14.34.20

Though huge mounds of dirt and a tractor have recently occupied the CFA adjacent Jackson Field, this scene is not due to any planned renovations in the area. Rather, it’s the result of the explosion of an underground water main.

Yesterday in the CFA complex, a pipe, seemingly connected to the Art Workshops, burst, causing flooding as well as the loss of running water in other CFA buildings. The break seems to have hit the basement level print shop the hardest, causing fellow blogger wieb$ to describe the spectacle as an “awash print room.” Although no senior thesis work was damaged, it’s been reported that some professors have lost work.

Though the building is dry right now, as the signs awkwardly plastered on the AWKS bathroom might inform you, the workshops, along with most of the other CFA buildings, have no water.

Wondering where the nearest bathroom might be? The Theater and Dance Studios don’t seem to have been affected and have running water. Photos after the jump.