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Allbritton Temporarily Shut Down by Gas Leak

“Nobody seemed to care all that much about the smell.”

The Almighty Allbritton, everybody’s favorite robot name of a campus building, has been temporarily triumphed by a gas leak, which Kevin Arritt ’13 noticed around 7 pm. A swarm of firetrucks quickly arrived on the scene, lights flashing, shortly thereafter and evacuated the building. Firetrucks are still speeding down Church Street as of this post, though it’s probably because you don’t know how to use a toaster. According to the Argus’ Facebook page, “QAC tutoring services have been temporarily transferred to PAC Lab.” Espwesso coffee services have been temporarily transferred to your dreams.

Here’s Arritt’s gripping first-person account of the emergency, which he kindly leaked (ugh) to Wesleying:

We were having a meeting in the QAC. Somebody mentioned it smelled strange. When I stepped out into the main QAC area, it definitely did smell like natural gas. The rotten-eggs smell from the additive is pretty distinct.  Somebody called P-Safe and I rolled out, since I assumed the building was about to be cleared out anyway

Everybody was calm and fine. Nobody seemed to care all that much about the smell. Eric Stephen ’13 and Laura Machlin ’13 were two other people who were around.

Wes Compliments: The Feel-Good Facebook Profile of the Year

 Think the internet is full of anonymous hate? You’ve been spending too much time on the CollegeACB (or maybe just Wesleying) and not enough time on Wes Compliments, the new anonymous Facebook profile devoted to makin’ WesKids feel great!

According to the page’s About Me, Wes Compliment is a “social project” started in Canada (where else?) designed to “spread the joy.” The movement has spread to dozens of other colleges, including Williams, Macalester, Amherst, and now Wes. Here’s the blurb:

This is a social project that was originally started by students at Queen’s University and is also experiencing growing success with Ryerson University, Wilfrid Laurier University and Washington University in St Louis. With their success, we’re hoping to spread the joy to the Wesleyan campus.

Simply send us a compliment for a Wesleyan student and have it published here anonymously. Your name will be kept anonymous. Keep in mind that hateful or rude remarks will be completely disregarded.

Alls ya gotta do is message this page with your compliment and the Anonymous Pro-Bono Mastermind ’14? behind the site will tag your recipient in a post with the compliment.

Bajigga: Social Networking… for Acapella Groups

Simon Riker ’14 want’s errybody and dey mamas to know about:

A cappella groups!  From the people who brought you Slender James is a new website to make your lives better than they were yesterday!  Bajigga, the collegiate a cappella network, just launched.  It’s free, easy, and quite useful.  Our membership is growing daily, and we’d love to have Wesleyan signed up most of all!  Check it out at Bajigga.com.

Here’s the link.

Updates: Stream New Danny Brown EP, Don’t Be a Scalper


Well, that was fast. Yesterday, tickets for Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde’s first ever show together went on sale for $5 a pop. Today, they sold out faster than you can say “Haha, I’m sorry.” (Even famed video reviewer Anthony Fantano is on the list for this one.) Wesleying has heard reports of people scalping tickets for more than $5 in the great American entrepreneurial tradition. Organizer Cal Hickox ’15 confirms that if you do this, he will find you and give you your just reward.

Zombies vs. Humans: The End is Nigh

Zombies have been periodically threatening this fine campus since 2006 and probably earlier. They have been featured in the Hartford Courant, in a New Media Lab documentary by Daniel Sullivan ’13, and, err, on the door to Weshop. It’s been some time since the last outbreak, but this time it’s 2012. Jessie Loo ’14 writes:

The apocalypse is at hand! The dead walk the earth, and the fight for humanity commences.

Zombies vs. Humans is a campus-wide game of tag, pitting armband-wearing humans against headband-wearing zombies. Humans turn into zombies if tagged, and can defend themselves with Nerf guns, marshmallows, or socks.

To sign up, email wesleyanzombies(at)gmail(dot)com by April 9th with your name and whether or not you’d like to be an original zombie. For more information, join the Facebook event or check out the rules.

Date: April 9 – April 20
Place: Everywhere
Link: Facebook, rules, awesome .gif
Contact: wesleyanzombies(at)gmail(dot)com

The Breadery Comes to Wes

Remember Doc’s Grille last year? If you’ve been involved with a student-run food delivery service, you’ll know that there’s demand—especially after hours. E.W. ’13 wants to deliver you fresh bread, and all you gotta do is text:

Love fresh bread? Miss the smell of it? Never had fresh bread before? Convinced that bread in fact grows within the brand labeled bag?

Well you’re in luck! Beginning today, fresh bread for great prices delivered to wherever you are!

Just like the page on Facebook and get alerts when bread has come out of the oven! Text me if you’re interested and I’ll deliver it straight to you!

We have it on good authority that pricing is at $3-$5 a loaf. The Breadery can be reached via text (720.252.6096) and via Facebook—and it totally has timeline.

Audition for Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross is the story of four Chicago real estate salesmen trying desperately to keep their jobs as well as their sanity in a dog-eat-dog world. To succeed, they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. This drama remains Mamet’s most acclaimed work and is commonly referred to as a more brutal and savage Death of a Salesman.

Auditions will be held on:
Friday January 27th from 3:00-5:00 in the EAST ROOM of the Theater & Dance Studios
Saturday January 28th from 5:30-7:30 in FAYERWEATHER 106

Please be prepared to do some cold reads. Contemporary monologues are also welcome and encouraged. While the characters are typically cast as male we encourage everyone to come and audition.

More information on the show can always be found at the wonderfully reliable Wikipedia. Also Facebook.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Richie Starzec (rstarzec[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) or Sarah Corey (scorey[at]wesleyan[dot]edu).

Date:   Jan. 27 and Jan. 28
Time:   3:00 PM – 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Place:  East Room (Theater & Dance Studios) and Fayerweather 106

Attention Chalkers: Your Assistance is Needed for the Revolution

What better way to take advantage of the weekend respite from rain than “using the original social media: chalk” (yeah, I didn’t know Facebook and calcium carbonate were equitable, either)? Straight from Zucotti Park comes this urgent message to legitimize the message: there’s no way the “traditional media” could possibly “ignore[ ], ridicule[ ] or demonize[ ]” chalk drawings, right?

As we all know, “nothing is more raw, more visceral than using rock on rock to communicate.” So, chalkers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

And remember, WesKids, “there’s something about sidewalk chalk that makes every passerby want to take a look.”

#occupy sidewalk

BetaBeat, Roth on Wes-Presence in Silicon Alley

So…we’re a little late on this piece of news (even President Roth beat us to it! what the hel…lloooo), but technology/digital culture news site BetaBeat ran an article a few days ago on Wesleyan’s presence in the tech world. The piece’s jump-off point was a recent event called “Digital Wes,” an alumni gathering in New York City for former Wes-folks involved the industry, in which President Roth also made an appearance.

It’s a really interesting read, with its many little tid-bits on the lives of an ensemble cast of Wes grads, which in and of itself is rather delightful to take a peek at. Furthermore, there’s a fascinating little line that goes:

The crowd settled to a dull murmur as Wesleyan president Michael Roth ’78 stood in the center of the room. A former professor known for his jazz piano skills and formidably tight jeans, he was making his first foray to the tech event.

(Ben Popper ’04, who wrote the article, clearly keeps up with contemporary Wes culture.) What’s even more interesting is that the entire article was reproduced in its entirety over at the president’s blog page, which means that the president is clearly aware of the fame that surrounds his formidable fashion forays. (Either that, or he didn’t read the article. But really, what’s more plausible?) If anybody at the Argus is reading this, you should totally run a Fall Fashion Feature with the Prez firmly on center-page.

Coming back to the point of this post, I would think that the BetaBeat article must have triggered some reaction among our relatively bacterium-sized CompSci department. I contacted somewhat-renowned CompSci major Micah “Girls Gone” Wylde ’12 earlier this week for a statement, but unfortunately, the busy man blew me off.

So if any of you Comp Sci kids have anything to chip in on this, go right ahead in da Comments. Or not, it’s up to you. Anyway, click here for the article, in case you missed the link above.