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The Varied Facilities of Different Majors

No matter how extensively you go about this campus, you still won’t know everything about Wesleyan’s many different facilities. Are you ever curious about what is up on the 3rd floor of 41 Wyllys because all you seem to see is a locked door? Or what is in the beautiful glass structure on Washington Terrace that, let’s admit it, is just too far to visit? Well, now I have done the legwork, so you don’t have to.

As an inevitable result of watching 16th-17th century English drama recently, I dare to categorize my findings of Wesleyan’s facilities for different majorsĀ into “the commoners,” “the nobilities,” and “the royals.”

*This post will not be a report on administrative details such as what department owns what. It is also not a very reliable guide for stalking any specific major’s students. It is, most importantly, NOT diminishing or elevating any majors just because of the facilities.