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Support the Fair Elections Now Act

From Wesleyan Democracy Matters:

With nearly $2 billion spent by House and Senate candidates, the 2010 midterm elections were easily the most expensive midterm elections in U.S. history. When a Senator, on average, spends 1/3 of his or her time fund-raising, we can’t be surprised nothing gets done.

The Fair Elections Now Act (FENA) would allow candidates to reject the status quo which necessitates donations from mostly old white men. Through a combination of small donation under $100 and public financing, candidates can be financially competitive without prostituting themselves to corporations.

Comprehensive election reform has never had a better chance of passing. Now is the time to act!

Please take 60 seconds and sign the Wesleyan Democracy Matters petition in support of the Fair Elections Now Act.

For more information about FENA, click here.