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The Trustees Are Coming!!!


Guess who’s coming to the good-ol’ M-Town right before Thanksgiving break? If you guessed your hallmate’s mom (because like, let’s be real, your hallmate needs an intervention), then you areĀ very close. This weekend, there is a rather eclectic (lol) bunch of folks arriving to campus via sky dive (I wish).

The Board of Trustees is having the first of their three meetings this year! They will be on campus November 18-19, and then again March 3-4 and May 25-26. If you ever forget, just think about the weekend before Wesleyan goes on break, and the Board of Trustees are likely meeting.

Well, as it has been a particularly active semester, I thought it would be appropriate that we reminded everyone who the Board of Trustees are, what their job titles are, and how you might be able to contact them. Turns out, their names and jobs are publicly available on the Wesleyan website, and their emails are too (on Wesconnect, via the ‘Networking’ tab). Thanks Zach for doing this first when students were frustrated about need blind being axed a couple years ago.