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Oh The Places You’ll Go (If They’re Open) – fall break hours

It’s the first break of the year, which means a lot of important places-to-go are going to have different hours if they aren’t closed. Read below for the on-campus hours (remember that Main Street/Middletown have some other good options if you can afford out of the meal plan) and click here if you want to know about some adventures to go on around the area to entertain yourself before the cold shuts us in.

Fall Break Dining Hours

wesolinThe weather remembered it’s fall, your midterms are (possibly) taking a brief hiatus, and football-loving alumni will soon be flooding the campus, reminiscing about carefree days of yore. If you’re staying on campus this break, you’re in luck! There are actually more on-campus dining options open than is usual during fall break. Perhaps this is to make up for the fact that they have apparently given up entirely on posting break hours of operation on the university website. Lucky for you, Wesleying is on it (and Bon Appétit posted the hours outside of Pi). Usdan heard my wordpress-draft pleas and posted the schedule here. If you are for some reason opposed to the university website, however, check after the jump for the schedule.

Fall Break Dining Options

As usual, you’re kinda of out of luck. But here’s where you can eat for the next five days.


Staying on campus over break is always weird — most things are closed, and mostly everyone is gone, and maybe the emptiness ends up making you reevaluate your existence. (Maybe only I do that.) If you, like me, are going to be here while half the campus is frolicking in NYC, your food options are limited but not totally hopeless. Bon Appétit is also taking fall break off, but things are still going to be open over the next several days:

fall break 2015 dining hours

Until regular hours for everything resume on Wednesday, your best options are to stockpile food from or make daily trips to Weshop (and if you live in a dorm, to brave the horrific dirty nightmare that is the Communal Dorm Kitchen) or to eat at Red & Black, which is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Monday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday. WesWings is closed Saturday through Monday, but is open for dinner on Tuesday.

If you’re already running low on points and/or have real money, you can hit up Neon Deli (across from Freeman), Nardelli’s (on Washington Street next to BuHo), O’Rourke’s Diner (on Main Street), Vines on Church (on Church across from junior village), or Mama’s Italian Market (on William Street also across from j-ville). These are the closest things within walking distance. The late-night food trucks will also probably be out. Whey Station, at least, will be on campus Friday night from “11-?am.” Good luck!

Netflix Your Way Through Fall Break


It’s Fall Break, and everyone knows that means binge-watching Netflix in your bed. To help you make it through this time without having to rewatch every episode of How I Met Your Mother or Orange is the New Black, I’ve compiled a list of Netflix options that are unconventionally awesome or shamelessly delightful. This list was compiled in a very unscientific way, so leave further recommendations in the comments section.

Disney Channel Original Movies
Netflix does have an impressive offering of classic Disney animated movies, including things like Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Mulan. But there are so, so many more gems from your childhood that are worth revisiting.

The Cheetah Girls, The Cheetah Girls 2, and The Cheetah Girls: One WorldThe Cheetah Girls tells the story of four friends as they try to make it in show business. They sing many songs, including “Cinderella” and “Cheetah Sisters” (both of which I can still sing by heart), and perform their last number in different-colored cheetah-patterned head warmers. It’s amazing. Once you’re done with that, the Cheetah Girls go to Spain and do it all over again. And then after that they go to India and do the same thing, except without Raven, so it’s not as good.

Homecoming Weekend Events and Dining Hours


How ironic is it that the one day when it’s totally accepted to dust off our Wesleyan apparel and wear our school colors (props to the people who do that normally), it’s Fall Break? It’s a big athletics weekend for Wes vs Amherst. Not only is the football team playing Amherst today, but also the field hockey and men’s and women’s soccer teams (there’s also a volleyball game against Middlebury). That’s fives games during which we can wear our Wesleyan shirts (and kick other NESCAC schools’s butts)!

While it’s weird that homecoming weekend is when many students are off campus, according to Alex Sakhno ’15, who’s on the football team, it’s purely a coincidence. Wes’s homecoming game happens every fifth or seventh week of the year and it just so happens that this year it’s during the fifth week and also Fall Break. He’s still expecting a large crowd, though, since mostly alumni, parents, and Middletown residents come to games. Also, it’s Middletown Day today so lots of family friendly events will be happening concurrently (like a bounce house and face painting) and there will probably be some great dogs and little children around. If you want to watch Wes football play against Amherst, the game starts at 1:30 PM and will be live streamed here. For other Homecoming weekend shenanigans, check out the full schedule of weekend events.

For those of you still on campus, here are the relevant on-campus dining hours for Fall break. Usdan, Weshop, and Red & Black Cafe are your best bets (also Neon Deli, other Middletown spots, and cooking for yourself):

Fall VACATION: Dining Hours


If you’re staying on campus for Fall Break and want to eat, you’re kinda out of luck! Bon Appetit dining services is on break and won’t resume for regular hours until Wednesday, October 23 (though it’s open for dinner on Tuesday evening):

dining hrs!

On the bright side, Weshop is open every day of break from 2-6 p.m. and resumes regular hours on Tuesday, October 22. Meanwhile, WesWings is similarly closed until Tuesday dinner, but Red & Black Cafe is open regular hours throughout break, according to this, which looks authoritative because it’s in red:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 1.07.37 PM

Otherwise, if you want to conserve points, Neon Deli (across from Freeman), Marco’s Deli (Williams Street, across from LoRise), and Nardelli’s (Washington Street next to BuHo) are the best options without actually leaving the vicinity of campus. There are also the late-night food carts—falafel, whey station, new hot dog people. They will probably be out there also.

Fall Break Transportation Raffle


Courtesy of Sustainability Coordinator Jennifer Kleindienst:

Traveling off-campus for fall break? The Wesleyan Sustainability Office has teamed up with CT Rides, a state transportation program, to encourage you to take the bus, train, shuttle, or carpool whenever you go off campus. To give you an extra incentive for fall break, CT Rides is holding a free raffle for a $25 Amtrak gift card for anyone who signs up for its NuRide incentive program or takes alternative transportation over break.

There are 4 ways to enter (one entry per person):
1. Sign up for NuRide at the CT Rides table on October 9th from 11:30-1:30 or email Alexandra.Bernier[at]ctrides[dot]com.
2. Offer or ask for a ride on the Rideboard between October 9-23.
3. Sign up for one of the shuttles to Bradley Airport, New Haven Train Station, New York City, or Boston by October 16th.
4. Share how you’re traveling sustainably over break with the Sustainability Office at the CT Rides table on October 9th, post it on Facebook (wesleyansustainability), or email us at sustainability[at]wesleyan[dot]edu by October 17th.

Learn more about how to travel sustainably on our website.

Date: Wednesday, October 9
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM (to sign up at the CT Rides table)
Place: Usdan
Cost: Free

Fall Break Is A Thing That Is Happening Now Here

Hey guys, Fall Break. It’s just a four-day weekend, but that’s okay with us. Wesleying will be a bit quiet over the next few days. Frankly, we’re still pretty pooped from getting a little schwasty during the Vice Presidential Debate last night, but don’t mind us. Everything’s cool. If you’re looking for somewhere else to procrastinate, I humbly recommend Pretty Colors.

If you’re having yourself an old-fashioned staycation (side note: this Wikipedia article has one of the best photo choices imaginable), do remember to eat. Marco’s Deli is your friend. Red & Black is open regular hours all weekend. Main Street is only like two blocks away. Usdan will not be your destination. Here’s a glimpse at the Fall Break Dining Hours on campus:

Fall Break Shuttle Times

Tryna get home in five short days? A few anonymous shoutboxers have written in asking about Fall Break shuttles. As always, Wesleyan offers shuttles to Union Station (that’s New Haven), Bradley International Airport, South Station in Boston, and Grand Central and Penn Stations in New York. Tickets can be reserved at the Box Office in Usdan or the Online Box Office before Wednesday, October 10. Here’s the full schedule, courtesy of Finance and Facilities Committee Chair Andrew Trexler ’14:

New Haven

  • Thursday, Oct 11th: shuttle departs Wesleyan from Usdan University Center at 6:00pm
  • Friday, Oct 12th: shuttles depart Wesleyan from Usdan at 11:00am and 6:00pm
  • Tuesday, Oct 16th: shuttles depart New Haven train station at Noon and 5:00pm