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The Fanciest V-Day Suppers, from 80Lawn

Eightylawn is an informal eating club which meets semiregularly in the living room of 80 Lawn Avenue for completely home-cooked meals prepared by its resident/head chef. Each week everyone on the eightylawn mailing list is notified of the upcoming menu, and the first six respondents get to attend with a guest.

The thing is, eightylawn serves only things that are delicious. The Argus wrote an article about the chef and his meals last semester entitled “Student Hosts Fancy Suppers“, and I intentionally wrote nothing about it on Wesleying until now because I did not want any more competition to get on the guest list.

But this Sunday, eightylawn is planning an all-day culinary marathon, preparing and serving personalized meals for anyone on campus who contacts the chef in time. He will cook at your place, or in an accessible kitchen of your choice. The proceeds go towards Haiti relief, so I digress. You’re all invited. Should you choose to partake, this will be one of the most delicious meals you will have at Wesleyan. If you’re looking to impress someone this weekend, how are you going to beat this:

Sick of the dining options in Middletown? Yearning for a private meal with your significant other on Sunday?

Tomato pepper stew enriched with chorizo, poached eggs, homemade butter and crusty bread
Crispy salted oatmeal cookies ($7 per person)

Tomato and basil bruschetta
Sautéed bay scallops with linguini alio-olio and basil
Lime-basil sorbet ($10 per person)

Crostini – bay scallops in brown butter and sautéed mushrooms
Bacon and grape stuffed chicken breast, noilly prat cream reduction
Cinnamon-clove granita
Rum truffles ($14 per person)

Reservations for dinner and lunch are to be made by Friday 5pm. 80% of all proceeds will go to the Haiti fund collection. Contact eightylawn@gmail.com for more details.

MMMMMMMM, dreams of future noms.

Date: Sunday, February 14
Time: All day
Place: Your choice