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We$hop: Fancy (You Already Know), But Why so Expensive?


If you’ve visited Weshop this year (everyone, right?), you’ve probably noticed some changes to the layout from last year. There’s more space, some tables in the middle, and new products, it seems. I talked to Weshop director Gary Kriksciun, who explained that the new layout is intended to open up the store–creating a better flow and providing a better shopping experience, one of Bon Appetit’s primary goals. The tables often offer sale items, and sometimes have a seasonal flair (like the Halloween table). However, if you notice new products, it’s because—according to Kriksciun—Weshop is “constantly adding new products.”

Of course, there’s the kicker: WHY IS WESHOP SO EXPENSIVE?

Oscar Soiree @ Alpha Delt

From the loveliest of lovelies Lilly Holman ’15 and Becky Gillig ’12:

You are cordially invited to spend Cinema’s most exciting night at the Alpha Delta Phi Grotto. It will be a pleasant evening with many film themed activities and fine company.

Your fanciest dress is requested.

Date: Today 2/26
Time: 7 pm – 11 pm
Location: Alpha Delta Phi Grotto