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Pancakes at Farm House

pancakesFrom the inimitable Matthew Gilbert ’19:

!!!Come one come all to PANCAKES @ Farm House!!! Start the year off right by joining Farm House in our annual pancake breakfast! Meet and greet our lovely residents and learn about the farm here at Wes.

ALSO!!!!!!!! After pancakes we will walk over to LONG LANE FARM together for some farmin’!

Don’t know where Farm House is? Come by Weshop at 9AM and we will walk over together!!


***Pancakes are vegan***

Date: Saturday, September 10
Time: 9-11AM
Place: Farm House (344 Washington St., across the street from Indian Hill)

Farm House Pancake Breakfast

Hey potential farmers! Eva ‘Transplant’ Steinberg ’17 is inviting YOU to an event this Wesleying staffer wishes she could attend:

Interested in Long Lane Farm but don’t know where to start? Come to Farm House this Saturday from 9-10 to meet some farmers and eat pancakes, then walk over together for a community work day!

Date: Saturday, September 12
Time: 9-10 AM
Place: Farm House, 344 Washington St.

CONCERT @ Farm House – Marigo Farr

Brooklyn natives, Marigo Farr and Jackie Dodd, are making the trek through the snow to come to Wesleyan and play a very special ~ one time only ~ concert at Farm House this Friday! At the show, you can expect to sing along (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY – SING ALONG), dance a little, laugh even more, and best of all – learn how to make kimchi (no joke).

Marigo has been writing tunes since she was a little kid and has now produced three albums. Her songs are chock full of beautiful melodies and quirky lyrics. Listen to her music on Bandcamp.

Date: Tonight, Friday, February 13
Time: 9-11:30 PM
Place: Farm House

Long Lang Hoop House Extravaganza!

llLast spring Eva “Bubbe” Steinberg ’17 made me a mixed CD composed of only farm-related songs. Now she’s asking you to come help Long Lane Farm move their hoop houses this Saturday 11/1. Just remember that rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey! There will be snacks, but probably not of the whiskey variety. Here are the actual facts:

This Saturday, join your favorite local student-farmers as we take on the hoop houses!! These massive structures keep our veggies nice and cozy, but they aren’t in the right place! Help us with this task, and feel as warm and happy and good as our wee lil greens will in their new homes! Snacks will be provided!

Date: Saturday 11/1
Place: Long Lane Farm (near the rugby fields)
Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Apply to Live in Farm House!

fhFun fact: I lived in Farm House and it changed my life #OccupyWash. Amy “Herpetologist” Mattox ’17 wants to give you the same opportunity:

feeling spontaneous? wanna turn your semester around?! longing to room
with your friend?? want an excuse to hang out with chickens AND a
rabbit? MOVE INTO FARM HOUSE!!! come join a community of loving folks
who wanna share their food/home/hearts with you! email
asiebert[at]wesleyan[dot]edu — if you aren’t in a roomie pair but are
willing to room with a fun stranger, also hit us up! make a CHANGE in

VegOut Mindful Meal

From Manon Lefèvre ’14:

BuHo and WesFRESH invite you to a combined Mindful Meal and VegOut
this Friday evening! We’ll be cooking up a gigantic delicious
vegetarian, community meal cooked from locally sourced ingredients.
The mindful meal is an opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on the
processes that bring good food to our plates and beyond, considering
our meal as a part of much larger food system. We will take the time
to appreciate this holistic approach to thinking about food from farm
to fork to waste, all facets of the food movement represented on
campus. It’s a celebration of good food and good people!

For this VegOut we’ll be selling tickets in Usdan this week for $4 –
we’re hoping to make enough money to keep VegOut self-sustainable, so
contributions are appreciated. Please bring your own utensils and

This meal is co-sponsored by Buddhist House, Farm House, Out House,
Earth House, WesFRESH, and SALD

When: Friday, April 26th, 6:30 – 8pm
Where: Buddhist House
Cost: $4

Big Tusk, Marathon, and Petunia @ Farm House


Ana Clare Smith ‘15 wants you to know:

Big Husk Tusk, with Sam Long ’12 and Howe Pearson ’12, are coming back to the motherland, and particularly back to Farm House this Thursday. Check out what they have been up to. Opening for them are Friendship Marathon, and Petunia. The show starts at 9:30, and Farm House is located across the street from Indian Hill, on Vine and Wash. More scoop here on the facebooks. See ya’ there!


Farm House

Date: Thursday, February 28
Time: 9:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Place: Farm House
Cost: Free

ReTribe Spiritual Retreat Info Session

From Lily Martin ’14:

Don’t know what to do during your loooong winter break? Come join other young adults at Retribe’s Rite of Passage Retreat this Jan 2-7. It will be a week of transformations, including workshops in Trance Dance, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Yoga, Nature Immersion, Drumming, Art etc.

Come hear more about it and get your questions answered by Julia Martin, the founder of ReTribe, at a brief info session with tea and cookies) this Saturday in Farmhouse at 2:00.

Date: Sunday, November 18
Time: 1:30 – 2:30 pm
Place: Farm House
Cost: Free

Event: Farm House Watches Shit

If you’re tryna walk across campus in this mess (note: do so at your own peril), Kate Gibbel ’15 sends in an update on what Farm House is up to:

lord of the rings (one)
lord of the rings (two)
lord of the rings (three)
crouching tiger hidden dragon
silence of the lambs
animal farm
animal house
willie wonka
day after tomorrow
the shining
scary movie (one)