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There’s a New Wes Fashion Instagram


Until recently, there was only one Wesleyan fashion Instagram that I knew of. @wesleyangeese showcased the trendy folks around campus that laid claim to $950 Canada Goose parkas.

Wesleyan Geese didn’t quite hit the mark, however: it only focused on one clothing item, and it was too conventional. Wesleyan fashion has so much more to offer, as we can often see around campus, read about in the Argus, or see embodied in our alumni.

Levi Baruch ’21 saw this gap in Wesleyan social media and founded @wesworn, a fashion Instagram which, according to its bio, has a mission of “Celebrating Wesleyan self-expression, one fit at a time.” Less than 10 days old, the account has already been able to capture some of the more eclectic (I can use that as an adjective again, right?) styles on campus.

Film Series: Female Trouble

1974. USA. Dir: John Waters. With Divine, David Lochary. 97 min. 35mm print.

“Oh, honey, I’d be so happy if you’d turn nellie.” When her parents fail to buy her a pair of cha-cha heels, Divine, already the Filthiest Person Alive, ups the ante with a violent bout of criminal fashion modeling. Waters’ breathtaking, hilarious transgressions will have you vomiting with delight.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Waste Not! Thrift Swap

Aletta Brady '15 and Rebecca Sokol '15, rocking second-hand threads

Aletta Brady ’15 and Rebecca Sokol ‘15, rocking second-hand threads

In the spirit of reusing, recycling and promoting a diversity of fashion on campus, Waste Not! is excited to introduce the Waste Not! Thrift Swap!

The event will take place this Friday (March 1) from 2-5 p.m. in the Exley lobby. So start digging through your closets. We’re looking to collect those pants that don’t fit anymore and that funky top you never wear.

If you bring clothes to donate, you’re welcome to take back some new threads. If you’d like to donate ahead of time, there are boxes set up in Usdan and the Exley lobby, as well as in a number of residence halls and laundry rooms.

Design or Model for the Fashion Show


From Ericia Byer ’13:

The Fashion Show Committee is looking for DESIGNERS and MODELS!!

Models: Tryouts are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the MPR.
Tuesday/Thursday: 7-10pm
Wednesday: 9:30-10:30pm
Please come to only ONE day!

Designers: If you missed sign-ups email Ericia Byer (ebyer@wes) or Heather King (hking@wes) so that we can add you to our list
*Design whatever you want! People have done everything from caution tape, garbage bags, to swimsuits and graphic tees. Be creative ;)

See our facebook event: Here

WesTrending: Cadbury Jackets

Spotted last night on the corner of Church and Pine this weekend: two WesTrendies (A “Berlin” Marcus ’13 and an unidentified rando) sporting shiny Dairy Milk-purple bombers. Chocolate bar wrapper seemed to be the colour du jour in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Take cues from your classmates and draw fashspiration from your favorite childhood sweets—a pink BubbleYum puffer jacket or an experimental Solero-inspired dye job maybe? Cast aside those black North Faces and “Anoraks”  in favor of spirit-lifting, deliriously bright rainbow outerwear.

Fashion Show 2012: Armageddon

Good evening folks! Ericia Byer ’13 writes in, indicating that a meteor is coming just this way and it’s up to Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, and Steve Fucking Buscemi to save the day:

Don’t miss Wesleyan students showing off their personal designs and
strutting their stuff down the runway at the annual Wesfest Fashion

Date: April 12th
9 p.m. – 11pm
Freeman Hockey Rink
$6 (at the Box Office)

Spotted: WesDressed

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Gossip Girl lately, but I thought y’all oughta know about Wesleyan’s latest tumblr. The ladies at WesDressed had the following to say about the impetus for their blog:

Too often, popular notions of Wesleyan pigeonhole the sense of style at Wesleyan, neglecting the campus’s unique ability to cultivate and embrace a wide spectrum of style. This misrepresentation propelled the creation of ‘Wes Dressed.’ We aim to display how Wesleyan stays stylish all around campus, and to highlight compelling outfits and looks.

Disclaimer: Wes Dressed is not a fashion blog aimed at telling you how to dress. This blog is interested only in how you already dress, and is aimed to encompass a variety of style. Made for students, by students, as a way of showcasing how we each choose to present ourselves through clothing.

So, do it up big, Wes! And remember that it’s all a spectrum, amiright?