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1920’s at Alpha Delta Phi

A swanky message from the one and only Cheryl Tan ’11

HEY! Do you wanna feel SO COPACETIC?! (chill and okay)

This week, get dolled up (dressed up), put some galoshes on your dogs (feet) and get a wiggle on (move) down to the ab-so-lute-ly keen (awesome) and ritzy (awesome) Alpha Delta Phi for days on end of nifty (awesome) workshops, talks films and music from the roaring 20’s!

Here’s a quick rundown of events:

8pm, ADP Greene Room – Film! Probably something with Buster Keaton

8pm, ADP Greene Room – 20’s Fashion, a talk by Kim Prosise ’11
9pm, ADP Greene Room – Film! Probably Pandora’s Box, or The Great Gatsby

6.45pm, ADP Greene Room – Swing basic workshop by Jan Marie Olownia ’11

Harry and the Potters (not exactly part of the 20’s shindigs)

All day, ADP Multiple Locations – Films and Documentaries
2pm, Fayerweather Dance Studio – Charleston Review Lesson by WesSwing
6pm, ADP Greene Room – Musics and Cultures in the 20s by Lindsay Wright ’10
8.30pm, ADP Living Room and Foyer – Soiree/Shindig/Hop

More details about each day’s events after the break!

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 30 through Saturday, Dec. 4
Place: 185 High Street
Cost: all for free!
Link: http://www.facebook.com/thisposthasbeenedited

“You’re Dressed Very Wes Today”

[wes-lee-uhn, wez-]


  1. A prestigious Northeastern American liberal arts school. See also: ACTIVISM, PRECIOUS, RAGE, HIPPIE, NAKED-DORM
  2. A follower of John Wesley. See also: METHODISM


  1. Anything with a particularly hipster, radical, eclectic, idiosyncratic, recherché and/or ironic quality. See also: KAFKAESQUE, INDIE ROCK, WILLIAMSBURG

You’ve probably witnessed the phenomenon that many Wes students experience between second semester freshman year and first semester sophomore year: a wardrobe “Wes”-ination (possibly coinciding with that nice stipend you got from your internship working for an activist New York-based newspaper?). This includes plenty of clothing that was preferably made either from finds out of your mother’s closet from the 1970s (artfully ripped/cut ironically) or bought for less than one would pay for a loaf of white bread in Minnesota from a thrift shop. (Of course, Urban Outfitters works too.) One’s closet gains plenty of skinny jeans, sweaters that looks like they were snatched right out of your grandfather’s closet, oxfords, Ray Ban-esque glasses (best when not even necessary to see properly), ripped patterned or colored stockings, collared button-up shirts, and plenty of plaid (enough to at least compete with your standard lumberjack). It is, however, more than the actual wardrobe; this Wesination involves how one wears these clothes. It involves a certain unkempt and disheveled appearance with a note of dirtiness but not in an I-slept-on-the-street-for-the-last-two-weeks sort of way. It often involves one keeping a pack of American Spirits (or the new Camel Williamsburg’s) in the front pocket of hir button-up shirt or back pocket of hir skinny jeans as well as keeping one handy behind-the-ear.

So your buddies at Wesleying, vaguely inspired by ACB threads concerning those well-dressed and Wes fashion blogs of the past, have decided to document this trend. We will be posting several people weekly whom we believe best exemplify “Wes” (note: as an adj. not a n.). Take a look at this week’s picks:

“Wesleyan Blouse”: an actual product

Hay grlz. If the garments pictured below look like something from your ensemble, know that You Are Wesleyan.

wesleyan blouse french

wesleyan blouse

At least according to ModCloth, a “mod retro indie/vintage” online clothing store which is marketing the pink one as “Wesleyan Blouse in French Class“, and the green one as “Wesleyan Blouse in History Class“.

Um. Talk about niche marketing. This is the site’s description:

We think the educated ladies of Connecticut’s Wesleyan University would love to wear this ivy green/rose pink, vintage-inspired blouse! This asymmetrical top from Dainty June features a rainbow of over-sized buttons running down the front, a unique roll over collar with a notch accent, and cute cuffed sleeves. Match with a pencil skirt and oxfords for a look that will have cute study buddies following you around campus!

Cute!! The only semi-plausible reason I could think of why this exists was that some earnest Wes alum works for this company and wanted to shout this place out. But no Wesleyan graduate would be so devoid of irony as to write the above paragraph.

Anyway, I’m not sure what makes these clothes particularly suited to Wesleyan’s educated ladies. Is a Mad-Men-inspired ModCloth designer making an oblique reference to Matthew Weiner‘s alma mater? Is our character once again being confused with Wellesley‘s?

Especially in light of our recent collective identity crisis, I am really confused about what sort of image we project. Clearly Wesleyan has been presented as relatively fashion-forward in the recent past, but what is this?

Each blouse goes for $79.99. Are any of you educated Wesleyan ladies ironic enough/lacking enough in irony to wear one to history class? French class? Finishing school?

Be a model in the WesFest Fashion Show

Joanna Humphries ’10 sends in:

Spring is coming quickly which means…
We want YOU for the 2009 WesFest Fashion Show.

No prior experience is required. Come show us what you got. Let’s make this the best fashion show Wesleyan has ever seen.

When: Sunday 2/15 9-11 PM (tonight) OR Monday 2/16 9-11 PM (tomorrow)
Where: Malcolm X House

Wesleyan was featured in old Elle Girl issue

Over at the topmodel Livejournal community, a member just dug up an old Feb/March 2004 Elle Girl magazine with a university fashion feature including Kim Stolz ’05 (America’s Next Top Model, MTVU) and several other ’05 Wes alums I can’t find on Facebook. Check out the scanned copy:

Thanks to Marianna Foos ’08 for the tip!

: An industrious anonymous commenter discovered that Maya Amina ’05, top center, is coming out with a clothing line this spring/summer. Her historically conscious fashion work is very cool: http://boxingkitten.com/

A Night Out With Santogold

The NYTimes’ Sunday Styles section features Santi White this week in its “A Night Out With…” feature, in which she lays down some rules to live by:

“I DON’T drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink after someone drinks my drink.” These are just some of the commandments prescribed and followed by Santi White, better known as the genre-hopping singer Santogold.

…The other night, Ms. White, 32, was sitting on the patio of Castro’s, a Mexican restaurant on Myrtle Avenue near her home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn… Drinking papaya-mango juice out of a bucket-size cup, Ms. White leaned against an orange wall beneath a cobalt sky dotted with cotton-ball clouds.

Ms. White’s ensemble was an ’80s salute: tight white pants, an oversize yellow shirt and black Reebok high-tops with rainbow stripes and a gold slash.

She poked at her fish with beans and rice without offering a bite to her companions. The two women reminisced about an impromptu lecture given by a drunken art teacher about how to push in your intestines, should they happen to fall out of your navel. They also recalled a harrowing escape: While working as a waitress, Ms. Roomet noticed a man entering the restaurant with a sawed-off shotgun; she summoned Ms. White, who was dining, and they escaped through the kitchen, taking the bewildered staff to safety.

Around 11 p.m. the gang headed across Brooklyn to the club Studio B in Ms. White’s black Escalade. (“I didn’t know what an S.U.V. was when I bought it,” she said.)

Ms. White had been put on the guest list by some D.J.’s who were performing, so they skipped to the front of a blocklong line. Once inside, Ms. White couldn’t find the guy with the wristbands that would get them into the V.I.P. room.

“I don’t go out much,” Ms. White said with a shrug, and wished she were home. The band playing showed no signs of ending (or improving). By 1 a.m., Ms. White could take no more; she would see the D.J.’s spin some other day.

In a few hours, Ms. White would begin a medically imposed vocal rest for at least a week. She had plans to carry a pad and pen to communicate, and possibly to scribble down a few more of her commandments.

NYTimes: Rules to Tour by: A Night Out With Santi White


Tala Bouzarjomehri and Jillian White ’08 have started a lifestyle blog, Sophista-Funk, devoted to creative things:

Sophista-funk is for the person that dares to be different. Lover of art, music, design and fashion, the sophista-funk carves her own space in the world. She is inspired and inspiring, seeking out fun and creativity wherever she sees fit- cause in the end, its all about personal style, baby.”

Check it out, link added to “Wes 2.0 sidebar.

MGMT in the Jet Set

Nylon magazine reports a big breakthrough for MGMT – apparently they inspired Gucci’s Spring 2009 menswear collection, and were featured heavily in the designer’s fashion show this week. Big deal? Seems our collective boner 4 MGMT shows no signs of abating:

A high fashion label pays homage to the hippest band we know… And now it’s MGMT’s turn, as Gucci creative director Frida Giannini dedicated her latest menswear show to the band. She sent some popsicle-colored suits down the runway, and we all swooned – though of course, playing Time To Pretend during the finale didn’t hurt either.

Does this mean MGMT might pair with Gucci officially in the future? Obviously, we’re hoping…

This review of the collection is even more effusive, check it out if you’re interested in what the Management hath wrought and appreciate fashion industry jargon:

Gucci’s press notes invoked “the new way in which youth and luxury can seamlessly coexist.” …Giannini enlisted MGMT’s “Time to Pretend” (“this is our decision to live fast and die young”) to help put her own thumbprint on the heritage of the house.

The Brooklyn duo’s florid style dictated the shape as well as the sound of the collection. The lean tailoring and the neat little leathers that Giannini loves were sneakily overtaken by a creeping jungle of tropical flora and fauna, embroidered, appliquéd, or airbrushed to spectacular effect… Although the relative restraint of black-and-white jacquard tuxes with their tone-on-tone embroidery harked back to earlier collections when Frida was finding her way, the huge amethyst-and-malachite belt buckles she showed them with were definitely picking up signals from Planet MGMT.

– Thanks to anonymous Shoutboxer for the tip.

Urban Outfitters, Right-Wing Cash Cow

Recycled news, but the frequent Urban Outfitters shoppers among you might be interested to know where a lot of your fashionably spent money goes: directly into the pockets of the far-right-wing establishment:

“…Shopping in Urban makes you feel like you are somewhere radically Left-wing, an antidote to the corporate blandness of The Gap. But Hayne is a stanch conservative who donates money to Republican politicians, not least Rick Santorum, a now failed Senator whose views on homosexuality are both bizarre and old-fashioned.

Hayne doesn’t give many interviews precisely because he’s afraid that college slackers who get to know him will suddenly realise that buying his clothes is like giving cash to George Bush. Once described as projecting a “Dick Cheney-esque aura of no-nonsense grayflannel gravitas”, Hayne must be the only retailer whose expansion plans depend on no one finding out who he really is.

Despite the strife in the sector, Urban just beat Wall Street profit expectations yet again. So far, the illusion is holding up perfectly.”

Just saying, even if you don’t aspire to be a conscious consumer/haven’t taken any standard social theory classes, it’s hard to miss the cynicism/ingenious irony of taking money from progressive liberals to give to social conservatives. Although this is the place that used to sell Ghettopoly, “Voting is for Old People” t-shirts, and kaffiyehs, so calculated cynicism shouldn’t be that surprising.

– ThisIsMoney: Square Who Got Hip to Urban Chic
– Philadelphia Weekly: Clothes Make the Man