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Second Annual Riverfront Encounter Festival

feet to the fireFor a lovely spring study break:

Spend an afternoon at the second annual “Feet to the Fire—Riverfront Encounter,” featuring world music bands, performance and visual art installations, a kids’ activity zone, and environmental education exhibits, as well as a craft fair and farmer’s market–all designed to bring you closer to the rich culture, history, and science of the Connecticut River. Koi flags, created by community members in workshops with Japanese artist Taichiro Takamatsu, will debut at this festival before traveling to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Date: Saturday, May 7
Time: 12-5PM
Place: Harbor Park, Middletown (on the banks of the river!)
facebook event

WesCycle Bike Generators Training, Recruitment and Free Smoothies

From the absolutely fabulous Katie “runs this school” McLaughlin ’15,

Are you interested in sustainable energy and exercise?
Wesleyan’s one and only bike generator group WesCycle is looking for members to join our team for tomorrow and beyond! If you want to learn a really incredible new skill, make some friends, and do some good for the world (and your thighs) this could be the student group you’ve been waiting for!
We will be powering a blender for delicious smoothies at the Feet to the Fire Riverfront Encounter event tomorrow from 12-5pm in Harbor Park. It should be a wonderful event with food, games, and music. We are actively recruiting new members to be trained to maintain the generators for next semester but also could really use some extra hands tomorrow.
If you are interested in helping out for any part of the Riverfront Encounter,  or if you are interested in helping out in the future but can’t make it tomorrow, please email kmclaughlin[at]wesleyan[dot]edu
Date: Just tomorrow or beyond!
Time: Event is 12-5pm but you can help for any period of time.
Place: Harbor Park near the CT river
Cost: Free smoothies!

Yarn Bombing with the CFA

yarn bombing photoFrom CFA Intern Michele Ko ’16:

* Yarn bombing is a form of street art where people wrap knitted, crocheted or stitched yarn around trees, fences and benches to reclaim and personalize public space *

Want to help the CFA yarn bomb at the Feet to the Fire Riverfront Encounter Festival on May 9? Come to Albritton 311 on Saturday, April 25 any time between 12 – 3 pm for (therapeutic) knitting, crocheting, PIZZA, stitching, and probably some “How To Knit” Youtube videos. Lots of colorful yarn will be provided, but bring your own needles if you have! Beginners welcome! Email mko[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with any questions.

Date: Saturday, April 25
Time: 12:00 – 3:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 311

Feet to the Fire Meeting


From Becca “likes-the-fresh-food” Wilton ’15:

Feet to the Fire, an initiative focused on bringing awareness to environmental issues through art, is taking a new direction beginning this semester. Formerly involved in things like First Year Matters (all those readings you had to do for orientation freshman year) and structured around a committee that met quarterly, we are moving to a more open, inclusive format.

Feet to the Fire is now being reimagined to use the arts as a catalyst to both raise awareness and engage our campus and community more deeply in sustainability issues. We are looking to support creative projects on campus and in Middletown that are interactive and informative. Some ideas that have already been proposed include:
– bench pressing the average person’s food waste
– a “knit-in” to make warm things to use less heating
– a live feed or time lapse video of crops growing in the hoop house on Long Lane shown in Usdan

Feet to the Fire Meeting


From Sewon Kang ’14: 

Feet to the Fire does more than give you a free t-shirt during orientation. F2F is a committee made up of faculty, staff, students, and community members, and it’s being totally revamped! Instead of discussing environmentalism-related programming and events, we want to experiment with the idea of having the committee be programming creators. We want to reach our goals by developing creative outputs that contextualize F2F, communicate SAGES initiatives, and make F2F the culture creator on campus around environmentalism.

At this upcoming info session/meeting, we will be discussing the details of what is meant by “creative outputs” as well as three pilot projects we will focus on for 2014-2015:

  1. increasing composting on campus and in Middletown
  2. promoting the Wes to Wes initiative
  3. bringing awareness to the Connecticut River.

Email skang(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you have any questions or want to attend the info session on Wednesday, November 13 at 4:15pm at the Downey House lounge.

Date: Wednesday, November 13th, 2013
Time: 4:15 PM
Place: Downey House Lounge (294 High Street)
Cost: FREE

Photos: Common Moment, Dancers, Streakers

As usual, Common Moment, Feet to the Fire’s annual “collective expression about sustainability,” came to Andrus last night in a dizzying barrage of multicultural dance groups, percussive ensembles, and free t-shirts. This year, though, wide-eyed freshmen weren’t the only ones dancing across the field—there were also streakers, in the form of “four friends  who are probably a little too comfortable with each other who wanted to streak.” Here is a picture of four butts.

Prometheus, too, took to the stage with its trademark rings of fire. If you feel compelled to get in on the fire-spinning action, contact Matt Adelman ’13 [madelman@wes] or Jordan Gratch ’13 [jgratch@wes]. No previous experience necessary.

More Common Moment photos after the jump, courtesy of Rachel Pincus ’13. If you’re recovering from last night’s Bend It At Beckham, you may need them to jog your memory.


Common Moment (Feet to the Fire‘s climax) is that thing last night where a billion freshmen dance in circles on Foss with ropes and tinfoil and also get free t-shirts and learn about environmental issues courtesy of Barry Chernoff while the Asphalt Orchestra goes nuts (seriously, guys) and Prometheus does its thing. ART AND SCIENCE COMBINNNNNEEEEE.  (Since 1831.)

As Professor Chernoff succinctly put it: “C’mon guys. This isn’t Amherst.”

Earth Day speaker Shalini Kantayya presents film

shalini-kantayyaThe Environmental Studies Program, in collaboration with EON and Feet to the Fire is sponsoring the Earth Day keynote speaker, filmmaker and environmental activist Shalini Kantayya, who will speak and present her film, A Drop of Life.

Set in the near future, A Drop of Life is the story of two women, a village teacher in rural India and an African American corporate executive, whose disparate lives intersect when they are both confronted with lack of access to clean drinking water.

Her production company, 7th Empire, is committed to using media to give a powerful voice to the unheard. Her film, A Drop of Life, a futuristic sci-fi flick about the mounting global water crisis, has been used by the African Water Network as an organizing tool in more than 40 villages across Africa.

Check her out in the Wesleyan Connection, and get more information on Kantayya, her company and films.

Date: Wednesday April 15
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: CFA Cinema
A reception will follow!

Performers needed for Feet to the Fire Event

Jess Posner ’09 writes in to ask:

Hey Wesleyan! Ever wanted to perform in a super cool performance/installation piece? Don’t have a lot of time? This is for you!

Apply to be a “local performer” and work with the super cool Stan’s cafe in their performance/installation piece “Of All the People in All the World, (USA).” This project is part of the CFA’s feet to the fire series, and requires a pretty minimal time committment (2 hours training/rehearsal) and a total of 15 hours in performance time (shifts of 2 hours) from Feb. 20-March 3rd. Looks like a great way to get to work with some incredibly innovative and talented artists! Read below for more, and send in an application (super short) ASAP by going to Feet to the Fire website and clicking on the “Of all the people of all the world” link on the sidebar. Do it today! Email me if you have any questions…. jrposner@wes.

Sounds like fun.

Feet to the Fire TOMORROW!

Here’s the schedule of events:

Sky Stage
12noon-12:30pm Electric Junkyard Gamelan
12:45-1:15pm Tom Callinan
1:30-2pm Middletown High School Jazz Ensemble
2:15-2:45pm Mixashawn
3-3:30pm Noah Baerman Trio
3:45-4:15pm Sirius Coyote
4:30-5pm Toussaint Liberator

Earth Stage
12:15-12:45pm Geoff Kaufman
12:45-1pm Independent Day School Poetry–Poems for Two Voices
1-1:30pm Adam Tinkle
1:30-1:45pm Independent Day School Poetry–Poems for Two Voices
1:45-2:15pm Mattabesset Pickers Collective
2:15-2:30pm Independent Day School Poetry–Poems for Two Voices
2:50-3:15pm Poetry Readings by Stephanie Elliot and Colin Haskins
3:30-4pm Being Collective
4:15-4:50pm Collective Implosions

Water Stage
12:30-1:30pm “RJ” and the On-the-Spot Jug Band
2-2:20pm The BX Is Burning (Green Street Arts Center and Oddfellows Playhouse)
2:30-3:30pm ARTFARM’s Circus for a Fragile Planet
3:45-4pm Kalimba Liberian Dance and Drum (CANCELLED)

Vendor/Exhibitor Tent
1:15-1:30pm Middletuners
2-2:15pm Middletuners

Video Tent
12noon-5pm Video Exhibition

There will also be a sculpture garden (which features installation works by local artists as well as Wesleyan students!) Also, there will be yummy food…and a GIANT inflatable Earth (I’m pumped about that).

The festival is taking place at Veterans Memorial Park. Where’s that, you ask? The google answer:
Hmm, hopefully you can tell that the park is really close and you can totally walk. If that’s not your thing, though, there will be a shuttle service and a group biking to the festival:

  • Shuttle buses will be making stops at the following locations throughout the Festival:
  • Green St. Arts Center (51 Green Street, Middletown, CT 06457)
  • Wesleyan University Admission Office parking Lot (Lot E)
  • Main Street between the police station and Amici’s restaurant (100 Riverview Ctr, Middletown CT 06457). (Entrance to Riverview parking deck on Court St.)

The festival will happen rain or shine! See the website for more information/fun times.