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Feminist Lunch Lecture Series Presents: The Poetics of Choice

Come converse with Rowan Converse ’14, and note wisely the “free food” tag:

Professor Sarah Mahurin discusses abortion through the lens of poetry, focusing on Gwendolyn Brooks’s “The Mother” and Lucille Clifton’s “The Lost Baby Poem.”

There will be free lunch! Sponsored by FemNet, the FGSS deparment, and WesWell.

Date: Tuesday, April 10
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Place: Albritton 103
Cost: Free

Feminist Lunch Lecture Series Presents: Jennifer Tucker

Anonymous submission, feminist rendition:

The Camera as Witness:  Feminists Theorize Photography

From Virginia Woolf to Ariella Azoulay, feminist scholars and artists have engaged with issues raised by photography’s role in society. This talk argues that we need feminist tools for analyzing photography and focuses on three domains (war photography, medical photography and family portraiture) as areas where feminists offer novel insights into how images function in the world. Looking at and discussing a handful of photographs,  we will explore the positive and negative powers of photography and the challenges new image technologies pose for feminist theory and practice.

FREE LUNCH + the FGSS class you always wanted to take!!

Organized by FemNet, Sponsored by the FGSS Dept., the Adelphic Educational Fund, WesWell and SALD.

Date: April 26
Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge

FemNet Presents: Buddy Wakefield Returns, Gentleman Practice

Miss this FemNet event and you are guaranteed to slam yourself into the nearest wall:

If you’ve ever felt an emotion, this is probably a good look for you.  Buddy Wakefield, the 2x Individual World Slam Poetry Champion and legendary goofball of awesome–who has toured alongside Ani Difranco and appeared on the likes of NPR, BBC, and HBO Def Poetry Jam–is bringing his brilliance back to Wesleyan for the 2011 Gentleman Practice Tour. Buddy has said that this will be his last national solo tour, meaning that not only is this an incredible opportunity to see one of the world’s most talented performers FOR FREE, but it may be your last chance to see him perform!

Come out to Beckham Hall, Saturday, April 16th at 8:30PM to see Buddy Wakefield, experience some heart, and learn how to live for a living. The night will also feature special performances from Mel Hsu and weSLAM (the 7th ranked slam poetry team in the nation)! Bring your pre-frosh!

  • DATE: Saturday, April 16th
  • TIME: 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm
  • PLACE: Beckham Hall
  • COST: $0 (try as you might, you cannot beat this price!)

Buddy Wakefield Master Class (Sign Up!)

Interested in slam poetry?  You will forever kick yourself if you miss out on this exciting FemNet event:

Individual World Poetry Slam Champion and goofball extraordinaire Buddy Wakefield, who students may remember from his performance with The Night Kite Revival in the fall, is returning to campus for WesFest, and he’s going to be running a workshop/master class as part of his visit.

The master class will take place Saturday, April 16th at 3 pm SHARP and is limited to the first 15 students to sign up. And just how do you sign up?

Beginning at 5 pm tomorrow–Tuesday, April 12th–the first 15 students to email Michael Rosen ’11 at mdrosen(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with the subject line “Buddy Wakefield Master Class” and their name and class year in the body of the email will be given a slot. Please note: applications sent before 5 pm will not be accepted.

Don’t miss this chance to work with one of the most successful performance poets around!

FREE LUNCH + the FGSS class you’ve always wanted to take

Feminist Lunch Lecture Series
Presents…Gina Athena Ulysse 

“Coming to Feminist Consciousness”
Gina Ulysse is a Haitian activist, scholar, performer and Wesleyan professor. Years ago, she had a fight with her father about the dirty dishes he kept leaving in the sink. Sound familiar? In this personal dialogue she will explore why we cannot divorce gender from class, race/color and other indices.

    Date: Tuesday, March 29th (Tomorrow!)
    Time: Noon to 1:00pm
    Place: Woodhead Lounge, Exley Science Center
    Cost: Free!

Organized by FemNet; Sponsered by the FGSS Department, WesWell and SALD. FemNet meets every Wednesday at 8pm in the University Organizing Center (190 High Street).

FemNet Meeting

Again, from Ali Patrick ’13:

Want to talk about feminism? Have fun? Bring rad events to campus and work on issues that matter to you? We want you to come to the 1st Feminist Network meeting! Everyone is welcome.

Date: Wednesday, September 22
Time: 8:00
Place: 190 High Street (The UOC)

“Lake of Fire” Film Showing

Filmmaker Tony Kaye, best known for American History X, has been working on LAKE OF FIRE for the past fifteen years and has made a film that is unquestionably the definitive work on the subject of abortion. Shot in luminous black and white, which is in fact an endless palette of grays, the film has the perfect aesthetic for a subject where there can be no absolutes, no ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ He gives equal time to both sides, covering arguments from either extremes of the spectrum, as well as those at the center, who acknowledge that, in the end, everyone is ‘right’ – or ‘wrong.’

Professor Mary-Jane Rubenstein will lead a discussion after the film. Sponsored by FemNet and Wesleyan Clinic Escorts.

ADVISORY: The film contains graphic images and language that may be upsetting to some viewers.

Facebook event here.

Date: Tuesday, April 27
Time: 7pm
Place: PAC 001

Saturday Social

Wesleyan’s Feminist Network is hosting a social event this Saturday, October 10th, at 2 pm. Activism around issues like sexual assault, body image, and sex positivity can be very personally significant and emotionally draining. In order to honor the weight of these issues, the members of FemNet have decided to create a social space in which they can discuss individual perspectives and experiences. They would love for you to join them this Saturday, in the living room of Sign Language House (64 Lawn Ave). Just show up and ring the doorbell if you’d like to talk and/or listen about the ways sexism, feminism, and activism affect our lives. And bring a snack if you can or want to! Students of all genders, political affiliations, and levels of activist involvement are more than welcome.

This social space will be occurring every Saturday, around 1:30/2 pm, at rotating locations. If you can’t make it but are interested in future sessions, email me: mvitti(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Saturday, October 10th
Time: 2 pm
Place: Sign Language House (64 Lawn)

WesWELL discusses the perfect female

WesWELL and FemNet are hosting “The Myth of the Perfect Female,” a discussion about the female body, the female social position, gender ideals, and cultural pressures to achieve what is probably impossible—perfection.

Oh, and free dinner from Typhoon!

This will be the third installment of WesWELL’s “Perfectibility Series with Dr. Davis Smith”. FemNet and WesWELL will be leading a discussion about trends in feminine ideals including (but not limited to) vulval appearance and cosmetic surgery, expectations of women and girls in relationships (not just heterosexual ones), beauty standards, and domestic and professional roles.

Date: Tuesday, March 25
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Woodhead Lounge