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Fencing Grilled Cheese Late-Night

Camille Casareno ’15 has very important questions to ask you:

Do you like grilled cheese? Are you too lazy to walk to whey station? Need that extra cheesy goodness to get you through late night cramming for your midterms?

Well, the fencing club has GOUDA news for you!

This Sunday from 8:30PM to 1AM, we will be having our annual grilled cheese fundraiser, selling classic grilled cheese for $3, and DELUXE tomato-basil-mozzarella grilled cheese for $4. Email wesleyanfencing(at)gmail(dot)com, text 860-281-7452, or stop by the Hewitt 8 kitchen with your order.

…but wait!

If you email or text your order, we will deliver your fresh, warm packet of cheesy goodness right to your door, wherever you are on campus. All proceeds go to the fencing club for equipment and tournament fees.

Don’t be BLEU, you’re never (prov)alone with a grilled cheese!

Date: Sunday, October 13
Time: 8:30 PM to 1 AM
Place: Hewitt 8 Kitchen
Cost: $3-4

Fencing Club Meeting

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 3.58.55 PM

Adele Bubnys ’14 wants you to become a master fencer:

Do you like sword fights? Join W’escrime, Wesleyan’s premier fencing club at our first meeting/practice this saturday from 1 to 3PM at the Bacon Field House in the Freeman Athletic Center! All abilities welcome.

Date: Saturday, September 14th
Time: 1:00PM – 3:00PM
Place: Bacon Fieldhouse


Grilled Cheese Delivery


From Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff ’15:

It’s the Sunday night before midterms. You’re hungry. You’re bored. There might even be a little precipitation. Isn’t life always better when it’s a little…cheesy?

GOOD NEWS. W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club is delivering grilled cheese sandwiches everywhere across campus! Don’t bother putting down that book – we’ll come to you!

Sunday, March 3 from 9PM to 12:30 AM
Classic grilled cheese $3
Deluxe (tomato-basil-mozzarella) $4
Text (248) 270-5941 OR email grilledcheesefencing(at)gmail to give us your order!

Fencing Club Info Session and Open Practice


If you’ve ever had a childhood of any sort, you’ve probably fantasized about being Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, or possibly Zorro, or maybe the Three Musketeers if you’re really classy.  Ali Rosenberg ’15 (no relation) writes in with an offer from W’Escrime to turn your daydreams into reality:

Whether you’re an accomplished swordsperson or just a fan of blunt
blades, join W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club for an info meeting
and open practice this Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. in Beckham. No experience
or equipment necessary! Just bring long pants, comfortable shoes, and
your lovely faces.

Not to brag or anything, but I actually did fencing in high school.  It’s fun, and good exercise, and nobody will ever bully you again. Probably.

Date: Tuesday, January 29th.
Time: 7–9 pm
Place: Beckham
Cost: Free — unless, of course, you have six fingers on your right hand.
Facebook: As you wish.

W’Escrime Grilled Cheese Fundraiser

As if midterms weren’t already gooey and delicious by nature, Ben Forde ’16 and the mysterious “Sarah” want to amp up your dairy intake:

It’s Sunday night before midterms. Wouldn’t your studying be improved by a grilled cheese sandwich? GOOD NEWS. W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club is delivering grilled cheeses everywhere across campus! Text (248) 270-5941 or email grilledcheesefencing(at)gmail(dot)com to order, or come to Hewitt 8 and pick one up yourself.

Good luck!

Date: Sunday, October 7
Time: 8 am-1 am
Place: Wherever you are or Hewitt 8
Cost: Classic $3, Deluxe Tomato-Mozarella $4
Grilled: Cheese

Fencing Club: Info Meeting and Open Practice

Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff ’14 has an awesome last name:

Inspired this summer to learn more about obscure Olympic sports? You’re in luck! W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club is having an open practice and informational meeting this Saturday at 2:15 in Beckham hall. No experience or equipment necessary. Just come in comfortable clothes and gym shoes and give a great sport a try!

We’ve got a good amount of club equipment for people to use, but if you’re an experienced fencer and have your own stuff, definitely bring it.

Date: Saturday, September 15
Time: 2:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Free

Wesleyan Fencing Tournament!

Micah “Girls Gone” Wylde ’12 writes in:

En garde! W’escrime, the Wesleyan Fencing club, is hosting our first tournament this Saturday, March 31 at the Bacon Field House in Freeman. We’ll be fencing Amherst and Smith from 10:30-4pm.
Come cheer on your friends and classmates and watch some awesome swordplay!
Date: Saturday March 31
Time: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Place: Bacon Field House

Fencing Club Informational Meetings

From Sarah “En Garde!” Lerman-Sinkoff ’14 comes a heartwarming tale of –well, just look at the picture:

Whether you’re an accomplished swordsperson or just want to try the most fun stress reliever with a point, W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club has a place for you! Come to one of our informational meetings on Monday 9/12 in Usdan 110 at 7PM and Tuesday 9/13 in Usdan 108 at 7PM. Can’t make it to a meeting but still interested in joining? Email Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff, slermansinko@_@wesleyan(._.)edu.

Septembers: Sept. 12 and Sept. 13
PMs:   7:00 PM, 7:00 PM
Usdans:  Usdan 110, Usdan 108

Fencing club informational meeting and practice

From Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff ’14:

Whether you’re an experienced fencer or have just always wanted to learn, come to Wescrime’s informational meeting/first practice of the semester!  This Monday in the Fayerweather dance room we’re having a short meeting before practice so anyone who is interested can find out what we’re about.  Wear gym clothes, long pants and bring with you a pair of clean, flat soled athletic shoes to practice in.  Can’t make the first meeting but are still interested?  Email Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff, slermansinko(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or just show up at a practice, every Monday 7:30-9PM in Fayerweather 108!

Date:   Feb. 14
Time:   7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Fayerweather 108, dance rehearsal room

Fencing Club Informational Meeting

"You killed Ted, you medieval dickweed!"

"You killed Ted, you medieval dickweed!"

Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff ’14 (is this our first freshman-submitted event post?) wants you to become a master fencer so you can get adequately challenge your medieval studies professor to a duel:

Always wanted to try? Love The Princess Bride? Still on a high from USA Women’s Sabre Olympic medal sweep in 2008?

Come to an informational meeting for Wescrime, the Wesleyan Fencing Club! Thursday 10/7 and Tuesday 10/12 at 8pm in the Butt B Lounge. (That’s Wes+Fencing in French, not Wes+Crime, though we are kind of hardcore.)

  • What: Playing with swords and shit
  • When: Thursday, October 7, and Tuesday, October 12, 8:00 PM
  • Where: Butt B Lounge