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This Just In: Westco a “Haven for Ferret Owners”

You’re sick—again—of hearing about MGMT, and that’s fine and good, because so are we.

But few things make me roll my eyes more than mainstream press exotifications of Wes (see: naked dorm, pornography class, OMFG CO-ED SHOWERS AND GROUP SEX), leading one Wesleying alum and co-founder to theorize that any article about Wesleyan includes three obligatory mentions: marijuana, the “naked dorm”, and the pornography class. It’s about as airtight as the Caine-Hackman Theory, I’d say, and totally rife for a thesis topic (looking at you, ’11).

As for mainstream press portrayals of Westco: again, three basic elements—drugs, jam-band music (sup, Wes circa 1995), and . . . ferrets? From a Rolling Stone profile on MGMT this week:

Wesleyan University, a 2,700-student liberal arts school in Connecticut that caters to academically advanced students who may not have fit into their high schools. Both guys had signed up for rooms in the ‘weird’ dorm, a haven for jam-band lovers, ferret owners, and kids that arrived at college very familiar with psychedelic drugs.

Thanks to Jessica Jordan ’13 for the tip. I can’t seem to find the full article online, so feel free to comment with a link or your own ferret lolcat (lolferret?) or something equally procrastinatory and useless if the spirit moves you.