Support Wesleyan’s Janitorial Staff – PETITION

You gotta fight for your right to partyyyy! ...shit, I think that's the wrong song

Though you may not personally interact with them much (if at all), Wesleyan’s janitors play a critical role in the functioning of our school, cleaning up after the messes we make in our classrooms, dining halls, bathrooms, etc. everyday, constantly working to smooth the transition from one day to the next.

Yet for all of their tireless efforts, they receive “very little pay and even less recognition.” Due to a series of layoffs, the hard jobs of these workers have become even harder lately, and with a fast-approaching February 15th deadline for new bids on Wesleyan’s janitorial contract, the time to make your voice heard on behalf of our janitorial staff is now!

As excerpted from the upcoming Wespeak that will appear in this Tuesday’s Argus:

The workers on which Wesleyan depends deserve our respect. Wesleyan’s commitment to social responsibility must go beyond admissions flyers and parents’ weekend speeches. It must extend to the workers and members of our community on whom we depend.