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Our Favorite University President Takes on Twitter

It probably won’t surprise any of you that this is, in fact, an actual photograph.

As you may or may not have noticed, a certain Wesleyan University administrator ’78 became immortalized in a new Wesleying header this week. Don’t think he didn’t earn it, folks; outside of his usual business of blogging about the ‘Tech, tearing up the dancefloor, and waiting in line around lunchtime at Usdan Café, he’s been Tweeting. Mroth’s movingly-poignant-yet-sensationally-thrilling feed offers inspirational messages, enlightening commentary on current events, and witty pop culture references. Seriously–these are some of the most profound thoughts humanity has ever Twat. Check out his username-backed authentic account here. Some highlights:

  • Mo’ money mo’ problems. Just kidding, my life is awesome
  • Wes advances a rank on US News. Huzzah. #bestpresidentalive
  • #bestfeeling Looking out across Wesleyan’s campus in the fall… and seeing my house from most vantage points

Be careful, everyone. If he flashes his warm, full smile in your direction (and he will), you just might faint (you definitely will).