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48 Hour Phone Film Festival

14589679_1239481172780896_3220730435488791782_oFrom Emily Feher ’17:

Cardinal Pictures is hosting our third 48 Hour Phone Film Festival starting Friday, November 4th! Shoot, edit, and submit your films any time between 4:30pm on Friday, November 4th and 4:30pm on Sunday, November 6th!

We will be in downstairs USDAN on Wednesday, November 2nd and Thursday, November 3rd from 11am to 1pm. You must sign up (either in person at Usdan or using the form below) by Friday, November 4th at 1pm:


(Clicking attending for this Facebook event doesn’t mean you have signed up.)

You CAN NOT begin your films before Friday at 4:30pm. (However, brainstorming is welcome!)

To make sure you have filmed within the time constraints, we will be emailing out a specific theme you must include in your film to be considered for the festival on that Friday.

Winners will receive Wesfame©. Screening will be on Sunday, November 6th, time and location TBA. There will be yummy food and great company!

Read more about the rules at the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/359233071134645/

Date: Wednesday, November 2-Thursday, November 3
Time: 11 AM-1 PM
Place: Usdan

iPhone Film Festival

From Jose Luis ’18:

As part of our mission to facilitate student filmmaking of all levels on campus, we will be asking participants to shoot and edit films all within a 48 hour time period using only their smartphones as cameras. Filmmakers will work individually or in teams to shoot, edit, and submit their films. There will be a landing page and a Usdan table where people will be able to submit.

Date: Friday, October 12th to Sunday, October 18
Time: 4:30pm
Place: Usdan tables


Wesleyan Student Film Festival


From Ella Israeli ’17:

“Blood, sweat and tears meet camera and action!”

Come see a selection of student-made short films hosted by the Wesleyan Film Project. There will be snacks, comfortable seating and CINEMA. No tickets needed.

Date: Wednesday, May 6
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Place: Exley 150
Cost: $0.00

Asian & Asian American Film Series

AAA Film Series

Via Lynna Zhong ’15:

Enjoy award winning films by Asian & Asian-American directors and actors EVERY MONDAY NIGHT this month! Each screening will be followed by a Q&A with the directors and/or producers.

The series is organized by Professors Stéphanie Ponsavady (Romance Languages and Literatures), Miri Nakamura (Asian Languages and Literatures), Marguerite Nguyen (English), and Amy Tang (American Studies and English), in conjunction with Asian Cinevision and The 36th Annual Asian American International Film Festival. The event is sponsored by Wesleyan Academic Affairs, Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies, Center for Film Studies, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Department of English, Department of American Studies, Wesleyan World Wednesdays, and the Asian American Student Collective.

Date: Every Monday, Feb. 10th to Feb. 24th
Time: 8PM
Place: Powell Cinema
Cost: FREE

Sophomores Participate in 48-Hour Film Competition

What’d you do this weekend?

A team of nine film-savvy sophomores (Neo Sora, Will Feinstein, Daniel Sullivan, Adrien DeFontaine, Stefan Skripak, Anwar Batte, Sofia Warren, Rebecca Kitsis, John Schmidt, all ’13) filmed. A lot. Entirely in the 48-hour span between 8:00 PM Friday and 8:00 PM Sunday (tonight).

Specifically, they put together a submission for Ivy Film Festival‘s 48-Hour Film Competition, which asks teams of up to 10 undergraduates to make a movie (5–7 minutes in length) created entirely in that 48-hour span. From the contest rules:

The Film submitted to the Contest shall be created in whole within the 48-hour time slot allotted. . . All creative processes must be done within this time period, including scripting, shooting, costuming, set design, editing, rehearsing, sound design, etc. . . . All footage used in the film must be created within the 48-hour time slot.

Directed by Neo Sora (who won the Jury Prize with last year’s Blue State Romance), the Weskids’ submission, entitled simply Punk, stars (who else?) Will Feinstein and features original music by Daniel Sullivan and Adrien DeFontaine. Also, there’s a performance by The Japanese (specifically, their excellent set at yesterday’s Eighth Day of the Week festival), and a [**SPOILER**]  guitar that gets the shit smashed out of it and cameos by Howe Pearson ’12, the Usdan Campus Center, EastCo, WestCo Café,and various other Wes students. Yeah, there’s a lot crammed into seven minutes.

Check it out: