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Infernal Affairs Showing in Film Hall

Come to Film Hall Saturday night to watch Infernal Affairs, the Hong Kong film that Scorsese eventually remade into The Departed. Film Hall is in Nic 6 basement; enter through the glass hallway between Nic 6 and 7 and go left. Doors will be propped at 7:15.

  • What: Infernal Affairs
  • When: Tonight, 7:30 p.m. –9:30 p.m.
  • Where: Film Hall
  • Cost: rien

Trailer on YouTube.

Film Animating club at Film Hall

wall-eFrom Joel Salda ’11:

Are you interested in making animated films but are not really sure what to do or where to start?

Know where to start but need help? Experienced and looking for a community of animators?

If you are any of these, join the new animation club. Our purpose is to work together to write, board, and animate short films. You do not need any animation experience but need to be willing to learn. Hopefully, we’ll create great animations and have some fun in the process. Email me, jsalda@wes, with any questions or comments.

Date: Saturday, Oct. 10
Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: Film Hall Lounge

Film Hall Oscars Party

Film Hall is hosting the Oscars, with mocktails, fancy cheeses and other snacks, and general classiness. Get dressed up and show up at the Nic 6 basement to join the festivities.

Date: Sunday, February 22nd
Time: 8 pm
Place: Film Hall (Nic 6 basement)

The Dark Crystal, tomorrow/tonight @ Film Hall

Rose Agger ’10 sends in some info about the latest of Film Hall’s movie screenings:

Film Hall presents… A magical story of really weird-looking Skeksis, urRu, and Gelflings in a fight to restore harmony in a world with three suns. Ground-breaking animatronics and some awkward Gelfling cleavage. The Dark Crystal (Jim Henson and Frank Oz 1982).

Interested in living in Film Hall next year? We will have a prospective Film Hallers listserv sign-up at the screening.

When: Friday 1/30 @ 8pm
Where: Film Hall (Nic 6 basement)
Doors propped until 8:30, enter through the glass Nic 6-Nic 7 breezeway if you don’t have Nics access

Reading Week Film Hall Screenings

Rose Agger ’10 Hall Manager of Film Hall writes in about this week’s Film Hall events:

Screening I:

Film Hall is screening A Beautiful Mind, followed by a short talk by the legendary econ professor/rock star Gil Skillman. Gil will enlighten us about the economical inaccuracies presented in the otherwise amazing film.

Date: Wednesday, December 10th
Time: 4:30 pm
Place: Film Hall (Nic 6 basement)

Screening II:


We will not, however, take it into overtime. We’re just gonna show Space Jam.

Date: Friday, December 12th
Time: 8 pm
Place: Film Hall (Nic 6 basement)

Wesleyan trivia: A Beautiful Mind was written and produced by Akiva Goldsman ’83.

Showgirls at Film Hall

More quality entertainment from Film Hall, bring the kids:

Naked. NC-17. Elizabeth Berkley. Come see Showgirls at Film Hall! We are legal get over here!

If you don’t live in the Nics, come in through the glass hallway between Nics 6 and 7.

Date: Friday, November 21
Time: 8 pm
Place: Film Hall (Nics basement)

Film Hall to screen "Misery"

Milla Bell-Hart ’10 writes:

Film Hall will be screening “Misery” (1990, Rob Reiner), based on the novel by Stephen King. It tells the story of a popular writer captured after a debilitating car accident by his self-proclaimed “biggest fan,” who becomes psychotic after reading about the death of her favorite character.

Date: Tonight, Nov. 7
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Film Hall (basement, Nic 6)

Film Hall Screenplay Session

Share screenplays at Film Hall:

Screenplay Writing Session!!!

Film Hall and Film Co-op are sponsoring a screenplay session where people are free to come and get their screenplays peer-edited, learn about screenplay formatting, brainstorm ideas, or just talk about film (It’s a great place to get ideas or edit a screenplay for the Film Co-op’s Screenplay Contest!). Desserts will be served.

Hope to see you there!

Date: Wednesday, October 22
Time: 7-9pm
Place: Film Hall (basement of Nic 6)