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Film Series Celebrates Spring with Feel-Good Hits ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ ‘Psycho, ‘The Master’

Okay, fine, they’re also closing off the year with The Breakfast Club.

Get ready to enjoy the final Film Series calendar of the year with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, because Hannibal Lector is coming to the Goldsmith. Silence of the Lambs—the first film I ever saw in a movie theater (I was five months old) and at Wesleyan, maybe the last—will be joined by feel-good blockbusters like so-obvious-you-can’t-believe-you-haven’t-seen-it-at-the-Goldsmith Psycho (just in time for Sacha Gervasi’s Hitchcock biopic, starring Dr.  Lector Anthony Hopkins himself) and recently acclaimed Paul Thomas Anderson Scientology meditation The Master, which stars usual suspect Philip Seymour Hoffman and up-and-coming rapper Joaquin Phoenix. These films are playing on Friday, April 19; Wednesday, April 3; and Wednesday, March 27, respectively.

As far as serious crowd-pleasers go, you’ll probably be excited to note that the Film Board is closing off the academic year (just about) with John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club, because a raging  “Don’t You Forget About Me” singalong in the Goldsmith is precisely what this campus needs. (Prepare by reviewing Molly Ringwald’s Reddit AMA!) (Maybe next year you’ll be blessed with Sixteen Candles.) Speaking of the ’80s, they have also finally honored Goatmilk’s insistent requests for The Land Before Time, which is scheduled to light up your weekend with dinosaurs next Friday night. Also on the agenda is something calling itself “An Evening of Experimental Cinema,” because of course there is.

New Film Series Features ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Argo,’ ‘Strangelove,’ Various Important Films I Haven’t Seen

Just further proof that the Argus should change its motto to “Argo Fuck Yourself.”

Nothing quite signals the start of a new semester like the unveiling of a new Film Series calendar. Today the Wesleyan Fucking Film Series’ prestigious social media intern awoke from a deep slumber to share the news. Here’s a preview.

Possibly to mark the recent departure of longtime Director of Media and Public Relations David Pesci, the Film Board has chosen to honor Pesci’s legacy by screening a film starring his estranged brother Joe, Goodfellas—arguably the best gangster film ever. (I jest, they’re not actually related, but getting to see Goodfellas on the big screen almost makes up for the number of times the Film Board has ignored my request for Once Upon a Time in America.) If you think you can nail the “You think I’m funny?” monologue, come prepared to do it into the Goldsmith microphone.

Other highlights on the new calendar include the excellent Oscar-nominated Argo, which is further proof that the Argus should change its motto to “Argo Fuck Yourself”; Cold War favorite Dr. Strangelove, which continues a recent string of Kubrick classics that has also included Full Metal Jacket and The Shining; and Coen brothers masterpiece No Country for Old Men, which will make you nostalgic for that time in high school when you creepily called everyone “friendo.” Because Halloween is too long to wait, they’re also showing Alien.

Oh, and the first movie of the semester is West Side Story. Get ready  for singing, if you’re into that sort of thing.

New Film Series Calendar Includes ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild,’ ‘Matrix,’ ‘Ghostbusters’

Unfortunately, they couldn’t snag Quvenzhane for a Q&A after the film.

It’s halfway through the semester, and you know what that means: your shared Wesbox contains another meticulously folded black-and-white calendar containing terse blurbs for approximately 19 critically acclaimed films that you haven’t seen and maybe five that you have. As usual, the lineup was cruelly crafted behind closed doors by an evil-minded, thin-lipped committee of cackling—wait, no, that’s Spring Fling. (Kidding, Will.) If you’re too lazy to trek to Usdan in the rain, here’s a preview.

The no-brainer sell-out feature this time around is Beasts of the Southern Wild, the massively acclaimed semi-apocalyptic New Orleans fantasy by Wesleyan alum Benh Zeitlin ’04 that’s captured the imagination of everyone from Roger Ebert  to Barack Obama. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and played at the Goldsmith over Reunion & Commencement, but that was before the hype really hit overdrive. With serious Oscar buzz mounting, you’ll want to get to the Goldsmith early on Friday, November 19. (Wes hasn’t managed to get Zeitlin back to Middletown yet, but you can read a recent Argus interview with the homegrown director here.)

The Wesleyan Fucking Film Series is Showing Purple Fucking Rain

And Jurassic Park! And Vertigo! And… The Room????

You’ve been waiting with purple breath. The day has finally come.

No, not Freshmen Move-In Day (although that is happening right now. Our photos are forthcoming, but check out the excited faces of these wide-eyed freshmen!) It’s the unveiling of the first 2012-2013 Wesleyan Fucking Film Series Calendar! Click here for the full lineup. Most notably, we’re being treated to a showing of Prince’s 1984 cinematic extravaganza Purple Rain on September 28, because the Film Board finally realized that the Artist Formerly Known as the Goldsmith Family Cinema was constructed for literally no other purpose.

Other note-worthy highlights include Hitchcock masterpiece Vertigo (for the four or five students who haven’t taken Past on Film yet), dinosaur screamfest Jurassic Park, 2012 blockbuster The Avengers (all I can make out from the blurb is “come worship at the church of Whedon,” but that says enough), and epic spaghetti western Duck, You Sucker! (which probably fills the Film Series’ Sergio Leone quota for the academic year, denying my dream of seeing Once Upon a Time in America at the Goldsmith).

In the words of esteemed Film Board curator Danny Witkin ’13, “I fully endorse this calendar. This calendar’s record of the issues important to conservatives is unparalleled. It is the single best calendar to get our country back on track.” Click past the jump for the full Film Series calendar. 

Wesleyan Fucking Film Series Calendar 2012, or “I Just Can’t Wait To Be Jeanine”

If you follow the Wesleyan Fucking Film Series on good old Friendster, there’s a good chance you’ve already caught a sneak peek of the pre-Spring Break calendar. It’s up! (Sort of.) And it’s exciting—there’s a Woody Allen pick (you know, it’s the one about New York), a Hitchcock (Notorious!), a Roman Polanski (Rosemary’s Baby, a creepy throwback if you’re digging Carnage) and Douglas Sirk’s remake of Imitation of Life (this film rules) and a collection of “black entertainers of the 1930s and 1940s” (image file is too small to make out much further detail) and—

Well, yeah:

Vague legal issues prevent us from posting the full poster as is, but click on for the list of movies. (And if you go to the WFFS’s Facebook page, you can squint really hard and almost make out the whole calendar without so much as setting foot in your Wesbox!) I’m pumped.