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Wesleyan Film Thesis Screenings

One does not simply walk into the film thesis screenings.

You knew it was coming, now it’s here.  Doors open 45 minutes before each showing. Get there EARLY, everyone will be trying to crash this party.  Each film runs under 13 minutes. Total run time for each screening will be about 2 hours.  The films are (in the order of their screening):

Friday, May 11 (8PM) and Sunday, May 13 (2PM)

His Girl Friday @ Alpha Delt

Like old movies? Want to see what’s up at A-dee-P? Anonymous ’14 writes in with an event that’s “just like porn and milkshakes, minus the porn and milkshakes”:

Do you love black and white movies? Do you especially love them when they star Cary Grant? Would you really like to see Cary Grant play a news reporter trying to keep his ex-wife from remarrying? If you are nodding your head enthusiastically, then you should come to Alpha Delt this Thursday to watch His Girl Friday. Same set up as Porn and Milkshakes, but minus the porn and milkshakes.

  • Cary Grant: Thursday, September 22
  • Rosalind Russell: 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
  • Ralph Bellamy: Alpha Delta Phi

Trailer after the jump.