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Double Documentary Wednesday: Inside Job

Want to watch a documentary this Wednesday? Wesleying’s got your back! Want to watch two documentaries at overlapping times this Wednesday? The Community Banking Working Group‘s got half your back:

As part of the ongoing campaign on campus for responsible, community banking, there will be a screening of the documentary film “Inside Job” on Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Usdan 110. We all know that the catastrophic (and ongoing) financial meltdown of 2008 left us fucked, but do we understand exactly how? This film lays it out, in easy, accessible terms, and explains how the big banks were deliberately complicit in bringing about this society-shattering crisis.
This is part of an effort for students on campus to MOVE OUR MONEY from the malicious and thieving institutions that sealed the fate of the American masses with their irresponsible practices (Bank of America, et al.) to member-controlled, not for profit, local credit unions. Credit unions will be on campus ready to help students transfer their accounts starting April 26.
Keep your eyes out for further developments in this exciting campaign to take responsibility for the way this campus stores and invests its money!

Date & Time: This Wednesd’y, 6:30 eveningwise
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: At last count, $16 trillion
Firstbuck: Here it am

Party on Wall Street: Police Pepper Spray 5, Arrest 80-100 (Including Wesleyan Student)

Image from ABC News: Click on it for the article.

If you wanted it to be, yesterday was a pretty action-packed Saturday. Start off with the weekly WILD Wes and Long Lane Farm work days in the morning/early afternoon, catch the football or [American] football game[s] before taking the bus to 350 Connecticut’s Moving Earth Day event in New Haven. After fraternizing with Yalies and other assorted environmentally-concerned folk, take the bus back in time to catch most of the Ishmael show (guys: great posters, greater set) at Earth House, then continue on to numerous debauchery centers throughout the night. Take care to keep schoolwork as far from your mind as humanly possible.

But New Haven wasn’t the only activity off-campus playing host to Wesleyan students this weekend. Another group of Wesleyan students went down to New York to return to Zuccotti Park / Liberty Square, where Occupy Wall Street protests had been ongoing throughout the week and were looking forward to a weekend surge in numbers. What may not have been expected was the weekend surge in NYPD…”protection” of the public. Police used a tactic called “kettling” to splinter marching demonstrators  with nets, arresting many who (nonviolently) attempted to evade the herding tactics. Most official outlets place the number of arrests at 80, but the National Lawyers’ Guild, who has had observers standing by since the first day of the occupation, puts their count at 100. More media (and a little about the Wes student who was arrested) after the jump…

Wes @ WallStreet

It’s sort of those things that has been whispered through the walls for quite some time now, which of course typically doesn’t really matter if you’re part of the collective insulated within the world-reducing college-bubble (which you are). But even within the bubble some manage pick up the scent and are consequently swept up by its message and mission, and on a rather sunny weekend much like any other, they packed their bags, got on a bus (giving up the smile of restful hours), and headed South to join the civil resistance – that is to say, to help “Occupy Wall Street.”

In case you have no idea at all of what I’m talking about – and that would be a damn shame, be it for lack of circulation or lack of inclination – click here and here. The Wes envoy that went off to rally was a varied set of robust young individuals, among them our very own sickly-kinetic A-Batte (bringing the joy of chalking in tow). And while he should really be the one writing this, he’s a little busy at the moment. Thus, what follows is not an entertainingly or passionately-written account of events, but rather, a sterile round-up of coverage, pictures, and other tid-bits.

The account will come sometime later, when he has fully recovered in his cave. Click on to see the coverage.