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Fire Safety Inspections: Live Updates


It’s that time of year again and everyone’s favorite fire safety brigade is lovingly rifling through your shit like some 21st century tooth fairy. To help our community through this difficult time, Wesleying will be providing live updates as they make their cruel progress across campus.

Here’s the kicker: the updates will be provided by you all, the readers! Community journalism, crowd-sourced intel, and all that jazz.

As of now fire safety has already inspected:

  • All of Westco
  • All of Fauver
  • All of Clark
  • Some Nics
  • Some Butts (A and C)
  • Some units on Vine
  • Some units on Cross
  • Some units on Pearl
  • Some units on Fountain
  • Some units on Washington

Has your housing unit been inspected? Add what you know to the comments sections.

Attend a Lecture and Get Your Fire Safety Fine Refunded

Got burned by Fire Safety? The crew made their rounds last week, and if you’re reading this far, you probably got slapped with a $50 fine for having incense in your Fauver triple or whatever. Don’t want to pay it? Have an hour to spare? Wesleying just received this pro-tip from an anonymous source:

I’m sure some poor suckers got slapped with that brutal $100 fine from Fire Safety. But one anonymous RA dropped this
gamechanging news that there is a way to get out of paying it! Please investigate this to see if its true, because if so its the best kept secret on campus! “Anyone who does get written up, they won’t tell you this, but you can get a hundred dollars of your fines refunded if you go to an hour long firesafety seminar (they hold them every other week in USDAN during lunch)…”

So I contacted Fire Safety Coordinator Christine Cruz for clarification. Turns out not only is this the truth, it’s also not really a secret—it appears directly on Fire Safety’s website (though only seems to be applicable for a first offense $50 violation). Here’s the full text of the policy:

Fire Safety finds Bong on Fountain

Also in the “hide your kids, hide your wives” column today, hide your drugs.  ‘Cuz Fire Safety is coming and they know what they see.

According to a new article by The Middletown Press, the Safety Coordinator was doing fire safety checks at a house on Fountain last Wednesday (October 20) when:

they allegedly saw – in plain view – a green glass smoking device commonly refereed to as “a bong.” A small metal container marked “grinder” was also discovered, according to police. After seeing that the bong contained marijuana residue, campus officials called Middletown Police.

Two people were arrested, but they claimed the bong belonged to all of the apartment-mates.

So, what did we learn today? If you’re going to do drugs, at least hide them.

Taking Action on Fire Safety Issues

This semester, Fire Safety will continue to be a top priority for the WSA.

Check out the WSA’s blog to see what David Goldman ’12 has to say about Fire Safety and the feedback he received from students in response to his end-of-semester email regarding Fire Safety issues.

WSA progresses on Fire Safety improvements


Over at the WSA blog, which is on the new WSA homepage, Student Affairs Committee member David Goldman ’12 has posted an update on the WSA’s negotiations with the administration regarding Fire Safety inspections.

The WSA takes seriously the many concerns students have brought to us about Fire Safety inspections. Following a series of meetings with Joyce Topshe, Associate Vice President for Facilities, and Fran Koerting, Director of Residential Life, we are excited to announce several improvements to general Fire Safety practices and new possibilities for reductions of fines. (…continued)

The post goes on to detail three particular measures that the WSA has developed in conjunction with Fire Safety and Residential Life: the institution of a brief waiting period before inspectors key in to locked rooms, clarifying and condensing the Fire Safety inspections schedule, and allowing students to work off fines over $100 rather than pay them.

Check out David’s post on the WSA blog to learn more about these improvements!

What’s Up, Fire Safety?

It seems that some outrage is brewing over Fire Safety’s decision to bring back the inspections which they had previously said would stop this semester. Fire safety is important and ok, yeah, you technically shouldn’t be lighting candles and incense under the tapestry which shouldn’t be hanging on your wall, but the manner in which they’re going back on their decision is a bit strange.

And judging from this WSA reaction email, Fire Safety is now apparently back with a vengeance, ready to go rogue:

The WSA was recently informed that Fire Safety inspectors have decided to disregard the search stoppage that was outlined by the WSA and the Argus earlier this semester. Thus, the WSA strongly encourages students to double-check their rooms for total compliance with Fire Safety regulations and the Code of Non-Academic content. Students who are not prepared for additional Fire Safety inspections should expect no mercy from newly emboldened Fire Safety inspectors.

The ResLife email from Fran Koerting in which the new searches were announced claimed that the January decision not to conduct fire safety inspections was “incorrectly reported” in the Argus article, which is weird because that would also mean it was also “incorrectly reported” by the WSA, which has no clear interest in misconstruing the facts.

This is the WSA’s side of the story, which seems reasonable:

After months of considerable pressure from the WSA on questionable Fire Safety inspection procedures, the administration did inform us that Fire Safety had completed their inspections for the year. The WSA was also told that problematic areas with past violations might be subject to reinspection. The Argus ran an article which correctly reported all of these facts.

Subsequently, the WSA learned that ResLife planned to warn staff of additional random inspections this year, despite the previous notification that inspections had been completed. There are two possible explanations for Fire Safety’s decision to impose an additional round of random inspections:

• The administration was initially disingenuous or misinformed in notifying the WSA and the Argus about the completion of searches.

• Fire Safety decided to capitalize on reduced vigilance of unsuspecting students following the publication of negative coverage in the Argus regarding the search stoppage.

So which is it, administrative negligence or Fire Safety disingenousness?

Again, not to minimize the obvious necessity of promoting fire safety, but why announce that last semester’s inspections were sufficient, only to go back on the decision three weeks later? Are they deliberately trying to instill fear and mistrust in the student body, especially after certain incidents over the past two years?

Until some answers become apparent, you would do well to follow the WSA’s recommendations:

Keeping the community safe is everyone’s first priority. As your WSA representatives, we implore you not to engage in activity which could result in burning down your residence. Go here to learn more about Fire Safety and the appeals process for improper fines. The WSA will continue to work towards protecting student rights and ensuring that we are all treated with the respect and dignity we deserve.

And once again, go over ResLife’s fire safety guidelines so as to keep Fire Safety from coming down on your ass hard.

Fire Safety Inspections Are Back

As it turns out, fire safety inspections have not, as previously reported, ended for the academic year. In fact, random checks will probably start later this week, so make haste in putting your fire-hazard contraband out of sight.

From a ResLife email to all RA’s:

A few weeks ago, it was incorrectly reported in the Argus that fire safety inspections would not be conducted this semester. While we are thrilled that inspections were completed in all of our student residences in the fall, and that the number of violations was significantly less than previous years, we want to be sure students are continuing to abide by the fire safety guidelines, and that our residences are safe. Therefore, random checks will be conducted throughout this semester. In addition, rooms that had violations in the fall will be checked again this semester.

If you could please remind your residents to …remove any prohibited items as soon as possible (as inspections will likely begin later this week), you will be doing them a service.

Here are ResLife’s fire safety guidelines for you to review.

Shoo, Fire Safety, don’t bother me

Put your tapestries back up, break out the candles and incense, and plug everything you own into ungrounded extension cords: Fire Safety has ended inspections for the academic year! Unless your violation-prone domicile is one of Fire Safety’s “problematic areas” of campus, all students should be free from the risk of Fire Safety inspections for the remainder of the semester.

Fire Safety inspectors visited every room last semester and have no reason to do so again. They’ve also returned a whopping $3,650 of “inappropriate fines” that were billed to students, as a result of the WSA-created Fire Safety & Facilities Appeals Board. The WSA blog has details on these and other student-friendly Fire Safety developments.

Of course, Wesleying encourages neither starting fires nor pissing off Fire Safety. If you need a reminder of what can happen when you break Fire Safety guidelines, check out this important Wesleying PSA.

Hide your goods, freshmen!

From a recent email sent by Dean Rick Culliton:

Please remember that Residential Life and Campus Fire Safety conduct periodic room inspections. During these inspections fire safety violations are documented and if alcohol is found in plain view in student rooms where the residents are not 21 or older, it will be confiscated.

O’Rourke’s Update (And How You Can Visit Mocon/Davenport Reincarnated)

Those of you who have been around Wesleyan long enough to remember and love O’Rourke’s Diner: fear not. Although previous information proclaimed that the beloved diner would reopen February 4 (also known as this past Monday), sources on O’Rourke’s official website forum are now citing next Monday (February 11) as the opening day.

In related news, there was a significant piece in the New Haven Register this past Saturday regarding the story of the diner’s rebuilding. It includes several interesting anecdotes. For one, as it turns out, those students who are feeling nostalgic for last year’s dining will be able to go to O’Rourke’s once it opens and feel a little bit closer to the twin legacies of Mocon and Davenport. The article explains:

“Wesleyan donated booths from the Davenport Student Center and about $30,000 in kitchen equipment from a dining hall being renovated, said Jeff Bianco, the architect who designed the rebuilt interior.”

And in the context of Middletown nightlife, the article also notes,

“O’Rourke has big plans for the new O’Rourke’s that include opening for dinner three nights a week, late nights on Fridays and Saturdays and adding live Irish music sessions on Monday nights.”

For the rest of the piece, go to http://www.nhregister.com and search for “O’Rourke’s Diner.” Or to get your news straight from the source, hit up www.orourkesdiner.com