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Building Codes, Because ePortfolio Speaks In Code

It’s the first day of classes. Just because you have class in AWKS doesn’t mean it’ll be awkward (although let’s be real, it probably will be). Here is the registrar’s guide to Building Codes & Locations. (41 Wyllys is going by “WYL” these days, though I still favor Career Resquash Center.) If you’re an upperclassman, you don’t need these. If you’re a freshman, you’re going to get lost anyway.

But still. Here’s a map of campus. Don’t be ashamed to use it.

Take These Building Codes, May They Serve You Well

It’s the first day of classes (eh?), which means it’s time to post a link to the registrar’s handy list of Building Codes & Locations so you can find out what the hell AWKS stands for. (Tip: it’s the Art Workshops.) Our friend 41 Wyllys, which still needs a proper name, is indicated by “WYL.” Other popular stumpers include RLAN (Romance Languages) and CRT (285 Court Street). If you have ten minutes to get from FAC to DWNY, consider borrowing a bike.

Here’s a full map of campus.