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Unofficial Orientation Series 2015: First Year Classes

This is an update of skorn‘s post from 2014. Which was an update of DaPope‘s post from 2013. So there.


Shoutout to this post in WesAdmits 2019 that I have shamelessly stolen. I am a real and good journalist.

Good afternoon, froshlings. Or morning, or evening, or whenever it is that you’re reading this. You’re probably bubbling with excitement right now — and you can’t wait to finally be on campus getting oriented and all that shit. (BTW, orientation is pretty fun. You should be excited. There are also parties. So that.) But, of course, part of being interested in Wesleyan means also being interested in the classes that you will take at Wesleyan, and as a Real Life Wesleyan Student, perhaps I can help you on that front.

First things first, or at least required things first.  You’ve already chosen (by ranking choices) and been assigned your First Year Seminar, or FYS (or you’re confused about why you’ve been assigned an FYS for spring semester), as well as a second course. First Year Seminars are small (15 people maximum) discussion-based classes on a variety of topics, ranging this semester from “Single Combat in the Ancient World” to “Jewish Graphic Novels.” You can find the full FYS list here. These classes are meant to raise the level of your thought from the dank depths of high school drudgery to the glorious, shining majesty of the ivory tower. Maybe not quite that dramatic, but you get the idea. They will all make you think; they will all make you write. Like I said, you’ve been assigned them already, so you know what they are. If you don’t like what you got, you can always talk to your advisor about changing it when you get to campus, but keep in mind that not liking a subject is, in fact, a perfectly fine justification for taking a class. Expand your horizons. Do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Have an academic adventure. It’s no accident that you’ll be hearing things along those lines well into and beyond your freshman year.