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Menu for Fundraising Week at the Star and Crescent


Located at the Alpha Delta Phi House
LUNCH- 12:00-12:35
DINNER- 5:00- 6:45

Fundraising Week at the Star and Crescent

In the wake of the election, we at the S&C want to extend an invitation to anyone feeling scared, frustrated, or outright angry.  We have always endeavored to try and make the restaurant a safe, comfortable space that promotes dialogue and discussion over some tasty food.  But, it is more important now than ever to make a concerted effort to support the marginalized communities most affected by recent events.  Therefore, this week, we will be collecting donations for a different charity at every meal (of course, any and all contributions to these fundraisers are optional and left to your discretion). If you cannot make it to one of the week’s fundraisers, but would still like to contribute, we will post links to the sites where you can donate to the organizations directly.  We hope you will join us in breaking bread and spreading awareness about a few wonderful causes.

Descriptions of the organizations and their websites are listed at the bottom.

Star and Crescent Menu, Week of March 21st


Star and Crescent Restaurant Hours
LUNCH: Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-12:35, $11.00 (+$0.75 to go)
DINNER: Monday-Thursday 5:00-6:45, $13.75 (+$1.00 to go)
Located at Alpha Delta Phi House
First Three Freshman Eat Free!!!!

DINNER- Greens w/ Red Wine Vin. Herb Roasted Chicken or Tofu, Garlic Mashed Potato, Maple Glazed Carrots, Caramelized Shallot Sauce
DES- Apple Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Star & Crescent Menu, Week of Oct 12

fish tacosStar and Crescent Restaurant Hours
LUNCH: Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-12:35, $11.00 (+$0.75 for to-go)
DINNER: Monday-Thursday 5:00-6:45, $13.75 (+$1.00 for to-go)
Located at Alpha Delta Phi House
First Three Freshman Eat Free!!!!

DINNER- Greens w/ Sherry Vin. Marinated Grilled Chicken or Roasted Tofu. Brown Butter & Shallot Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Sweet Potato, Corn & Poblano Creme
DES- Apple Cinnamon Crumb Cake

S&C Menu Week of October 1st

Fish tacos and grilled cheese this week?!?!?! If you haven’t had these S&C classics, now is the time to enlighten yourself. Star and Crescent opens at 12 for lunch and 5 pm for dinner. See you there!

Monday, Oct. 1st
Dinner –Green Salad w/ Herb vin, Grilled Chicken/Tofu, Wild Rice, Cauliflower Mousse, Oven Roasted Tomato Relish
Dessert – Funny Bone Cake

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd
Lunch – Ancho Mole Enchiladas w/ Chicken or Tofu
Dessert – Strawberry Banana Yogurt

Dinner – Green Salad w/ Carrot Ginger Vin, Ginger Brined Charred Salmon, Asparagus/Shitake Stir-fry, Coconut Jasmine Rice, Soy and Honey Reduction
Dessert – Berry Crisp

Wednesday, Oct.3rd
Lunch- Fish Tacos
Dessert- Vanilla Yogurt, Fruit, Granola

Dinner- Green Salad w/ Charred Tomato vin, Mafe (West African Stew) w/ Chicken or Tofu, Basmati Rice
Dessert- Apple Spice Crumb Cake

Thursday, Oct. 4th
Lunch- Grilled Cheese (American, Mozz, Cheddar) on Garlic Toast w/ Tomato Bisque
Dessert- Trail Mix Bars

Dinner- Green Salad w/ Balsamic Vin, Baked Rotini w/ Beef and Italian Sausage or Veggie w/ Portabella Mushroom
Dessert- Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake