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Video: Precision Dance Flash Mobs Board of Trustees

For the second time this year, a determined group of Wesleyan students has disturbed a Board of Trustees gathering. And for the second time, President Roth ’78 has written about it on his blog.┬áThis instance wasn’t an activist effort to draw attention to lack of student input in trustee affairs (and I’m guessing it won’t result in any SJB charges). It was a flash mob by Precision Dance Troupe. As the University’s official YouTube channel explains:

On March 1, Wesleyan University announced at a dinner for trustees a $400M campaign to support access, inquiry, and impact. Wesleyan’s Precision Dance Troupe surprised the audience with music and dance. This Is Why.

Here’s the video footage. Watch closely at 1:56, when Bradley Whitford ’81 recites the entire Decathlon scene from Billy Madison on the spot. Just kidding, that doesn’t happen.

First call to action

Claire Staples ’09 writes:

You. On your bike. With a noisemaker. Assemble at said time in said place. Make noise with said noisemaker, on your bike. For two minutes. Then disperse. End of action.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 2
Time: 12:38 PM
Place: Usdan courtyard