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Flashmob in Usdan, Students Demand Justice for Accused Immigrant Rights Activist


Around 12:30 today, there was a flashmob in Usdan in support of Rasmea Odeh, the prominent Chicago area immigrants’ rights activist jailed by US authorities late last month. Students involved performed a rendition of traditional Palestinian folk dance and distributed fliers. Some members from Students for Justice in Palestine were among the flash mobbers. The action comes after the involved students tabled in Usdan yesterday, collecting signatures for a petition demanding the charges against Odeh be dropped.

The 67 year old US citizen is accused of falsifying a line on her immigration form over 20 years ago. She fled Palestine after allegedly suffering rape and torture at the hands of the Israeli military in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Her trial will begin in Detroit tomorrow.

See pictures of the action below:

CFA Releases MiddletownRemix Flashmob Lesson Video, Will Hold Rehersal on Sunday

The CFA is organizing the MiddletownRemix Festival, an event to celebrate the city’s acoustic identity, and feature four world premieres of works commissioned for the festival, three live DJ sets, two art/sound installations, a laptop orchestra, food trucks, and gallery walk. The event will happen on the afternoon of May 11th, and a major part of the festivities is a flashmob dance to a song by DJ Arun Ranganathan and choreographed by Kelsey Siegel ’13, for which the CFA just released the video so people can learn it!

To help spread the work, Kelsey will be holding a flashmob dance rehearsal this Sunday at 3PM behind Fayerweather Hall. Come learn it so you can take part in the main part of the festival! And if you can’t make it to the rehearsal, you can learn the dance thanks to the video. For more information on the event, click here.

What: Flashmob dance rehearsal with Kelsey Siegel
When: Sunday, May 5th, 3PM
Where: behind Fayerweather

Economie Dance Flashmob

Kerry Nix ’15 has got a proposition for you:

It’s the middle of break, and you’re getting stir-crazy. You could watch 24 episodes of Homeland (do it – it’s worth it), or you could get moving, learn an awesome dance, and participate in a flashmob in mid-April!

Join Economie, Wesleyan’s dance group focused on social justice. Follow this linkto learn a short and easy dance! Learn the dance by watching the video during break, and brush up at the practice sessions Economie will hold once we’re back at Wes – or, you can learn the dance at the practice sessions.

Send a blank email to kzhou(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to register!

Deadline: Whenever?
Contact:  kzhou(at)wesleyan(dot)edu