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Jared Paul ’11 Wants To Record You

Wesleying has received an exclusive plea from Jared Paul ’11, Wesleyan’s own recording engineer alumni extraordinaire. Today Paul spends his days recording err’one from Mad Wow to Lioness (who??) in Brooklyn and his nights floating through clouds with a boombox and Gibson SG.

You may remember Paul from his debut LP Ubeatquitous, which esteemed colleague A-Batte likened to “Obama-sipping-whiskey-with-dinosaurs.” If that descriptor grabs your fancy, consider signing up to be his next recording victim; details appear below:

I’m a Class of ’11 grad working as a freelance audio engineer and producer. Although I’ve done the whole graduate-and-move-to-Brooklyn thing, I am trying to keep recording Wes people as often as possible! Among the Wes artists I’ve recorded and mixed projects for in the past year are Mel Hsu ’13, Mad Wow, Josh Smith ’11, Fly Machine,The New Group, Grand Father, Lioness, and The Rooks.  Some samples are here.  If you like what you hear, consider having me record your next project!

Wordsmith/Fly Machine/Bones Complex @ 200 Church

Bones Complex frontman and reasonably friendly individual Zachary B. Goldberg ’13 sends in word of an exciting happening at 200 Church this Saturday:

Ey yall,

I know there’s a lot going on Saturday night, but we got one more jam you need to check out. Wordsmith and The Concert G’s, Fly Machine, and Bones Complex are gettin’ down with some dirty, blast-out-ya-speakers funk at 200 Church. This show is gonna be like a Peanut Butter and Jesus sandwich. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the lineup:

Floorboard Blues

From Jan Marie ’11:

Low-lights, chill vibes, close encounters, and everything from janky guitar to smooth piano blues music: this is how WESwing & Blues likes to party.

Come dance with us. If you don’t know how to dance, we’ll teach you, or help you make it up as the night goes on.

This is a fundraiser to help us bring Fly Machine to play live on Halloween. So we’re asking for a $5 donation. But if you don’t have $5, come anyway. We like bodies.

Oh, and prepare to be cuddled. Hardcore.

  • Date: Friday, September 24
  • Time: 10 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Place: Vinnie’s Jump & Jive, 424 Main Street
  • Cost: $5

Facebook event here.

Fly Machine, Hidden Complex @ BuHo

Massachusetts band The Hidden Complex plays Fly Machine tonight at Buddhist House.

Fly Machine is a denser, more compact version of Mad Wow Disease, which has been tearing it up around campus lately.

Come through to BuHo for a night of jammy jams (horns!):

Fly Machine – local heroes / musicwhores perform along with The Hidden Complex (band from MASS).

THC- Expect to hear, Rock, folk, funk, jams, blues, anything that makes you feel sexy/weird/wonderful.

Fly Machine – If you haven’t seen them already do it – it will be wonderful. Nice Horns! Ya kno ya gotta go!!!

Show created with Love and Fun in mind ;-)

Date: Saturday, April 10
Time: 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Place: Buddhist House
Cost: FREE

Haiti Benefit Concert Tonight

Friday night, and what to do?  Why not come to Psi U for a great concert for a great cause.  Student bands Duchampion, Fly Machine (formerly Soul Kat Too) and Linus (formerly Friendsome) will be rocking out to raise money for Partners In Health in Haiti.  If you come, you can rock out too!

Date: Friday, February 5th
Time: 10PM
Place: Psi U
Cost: $3